Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Diet Time Again

On a recent trip to Goodwill, to scratch that shopping itch, I found a Low Carb Cook Book for fifty cents! Oh I love Goodwill! I remembered how, in 2004, I climbed on the South Beach Diet Wagon and lost about 15 pounds. When I look at my Elopement Pictures, I realize how good I look without all those extra pounds. Naturally I packed those pounds back on with a few more and the time has come, the time is imminent, to lose some weight.

As always, with each diet I commit to, I head off to Dairy Queen to celebrate. One last time.

Since I am in Memphis, or rather in Mississippi, I am unfamiliar with the fast food locations. I hit the Main Drag, which traverses east to west, something akin to a State Line Road. My thinking is that there is bound to be a Dairy Queen and a Blizzard with my name on it (God! How I love those Cotton Candy Blizzards, I hope they are back).

It has been my appalling experience, that Dairy Queens are few and far between in some areas. Why is it while I am traveling and feel the need for a food stop the first thing that pops in my head is the Chicken Fingers with Texas toast and white gravy? And why is it that when I switch on the Garmen, I find the closest one is 20 miles back, and the voice that must be obeyed ("Recalculating. Recalculating. ....Turn LEFT!". Bitch! That is a one way ramp! You trying to kill me!)is telling me to give it up.

Alas, the Garmen is at home and unavailable.

I swear, I drove to the Mississippi River and found five McDonald's, a slew of Wendy's, a couple of Arby's, one lonely Zaxby's and countless other Fast Food joints, but not one single DQ.

I turn around and head back running up and down some feeder roads, drive all around the small city we have an apartment in, but no DQ.

I stand disgruntled at Baskin Robbins, blindly pointing towards some concoction (because I left my glasses at home)and end up with one scoop of Love Potion on a sugar cone.

I guess the diet really and truly began despite wasting an hour of my time and several gallons of gas!



It's funny that you posted this. The other day my mom was like, "HEY CASEY! Let's go on a diet!" "Uhmm, sure Mom...?" Little did I know what I was getting myself into. The next morning I woke up to a notebook of rules. I swear I'm only allowed like one almond a day. Haha, so last night I decided to pig out one last time before hell. Good luck ;)

Nelle said...

I just found a diabetic cookbook on a clearance shelf in Borders for about six bucks and I was thrilled. My son found a Goodwill in Trenton and I have to go but I think he goes several times a week. Anything I no longer wants he insists I give him to donate. He gets some amazing stuff. I ONLY eat soft ice cream and the nearest Dairy Queen is over twenty minutes away so I go to a place called Jersey Freeze which is amazing. They have exotic flavors of ice cream (all soft serve) and even fat free hot fudge. (Be still my heart.) My Garmen has been doing some really crazy stuff. It all happened after my husband downloaded the newer maps to it. It seems possessed now. YES telling me to go the opposite way I know I need to be moving in. It seems it keeps trying to take me home again. I rarely even try to use it anymore.
(btw thank you for the pic of that wonderful avaialable bachelor...if things with me Leprechaun don't work out I may go try to find him.)

Lori said...

Well I hope you do well on your diet, but I wish you could have had your DQ treat first!