Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whatever! I'll do what I want! Whatever!

The other night I was watching the Comedy Channel and reading (multitasking) when I was assaulted by the irritating voices of South Park. As I lifted the remote to change the channel to something more palatable I began to watch fascinated by the absurdity of the show. Before I knew it, I was laughing. Out loud! At the mid-night hour, I was chuckling and saying to myself, “Oh my God!” and “I can’t believe this!!” Before this, the defining moment, I thought I did not like South Park. I had never once sat down to watch a single episode (this is the beginning of the 13th season) and based my opinion on reports from others . “Disgusting! Kids with dirty mouths! Children who curse on tv!”

“Whatever! I'll do what I want! I cuss!”

This particular show was a parody on the Maury Povich show. Parody? I think not. By an act of God, I happened to catch the beginning of his program yesterday and the South Park gang was right on!

The fact I’m getting around to is that I laughed my ass off at the unrelenting , irreverent, unforgiving slice of Americana. I loved it.

As I was reciting dialogue from the show to Joe the next day, I commented that it was a first for me, watching the show was a first. I had just celebrated a birthday and feeling old and decrepit, unemployable and over the hill, washed up and un-cool, old as dirt and missing the dinosaurs, tripping on a new experience was invigorating.

Formally entering the summer of my life finding a new experience is worth blogging about, since I am either spouting essays like a volcano or arid as a desert. Nothing in between.

There have been some other firsts this season. I have begun HRT after resisting them for years in fear of the possible side effects. The possible side effects seem minuscule next to the real effects. I must report that was I swayed by that ditsy blond from Three’s Company and have rejected the oral method and embraced the topical hoping to avoid damage to my liver and all the scary stuff that has held me back. So far so good. I think the change is subtle enough that I am only aware of it when I am pleasantly surprised.

For instance, for a long time I have experienced irritable responses to certain habits that my husband possesses. The last time he demonstrated one of his classics (not listening to me)(therefore getting us lost)(yes, it is part of the driving war) and jerking into a parking space at the last moment, instead of having that momentary flash of anger, …..I marveled that I did not have that momentary flash of anger!


Some other firsts this week have included the baking of bread. My brother in law announced that he was going to try his hand at bread making and asked my advice! I was flattered but I know (and anyone who has read my blog knows) I am a failure at bread making. Instead of painting myself in an unflattering light, I advised him of a trick I had just read in one of my super duper Cook Book finds, to place a pan of very hot water in the bottom of your oven, close the door and allow the bread to rise in there. If the recipe gives you a time frame for allowing the bread to rise, ignore it and just let it double according to the dough’s inner clock. Put plastic over the bowl under the towel.

I went home and immediately made Wheat Bread the next day following my own advice (based on book knowledge, not experience, and throwing it around like I knew what I was talking about!!!!) and Sweet Jesus! It finally happened! The dough finally rose and doubled in size and the bread is dense and sweet and wonderful.

I’m even giving a loaf to my sister. She may have to cut off the burnt top (only slightly too dark!) but it is delicious.

This is a rambling entry, but hey, Whatever, I'll do what I want!



Haha, rambling but good. I enjoyed it! :)

Lisa :-] said...

I used to watch South nieces introduced me to it just after it came on. It is funny...but I just don't have time to watch much of any tv these days.

Congratulations on the bread. And the birthday...

Beth said...

I haven't watched South Park for quite a while, but it truly is irreverent and funny. The one about Tom Cruise and Scientology is hilarious.

MeadowLark said...

I just started watching Family Guy and the Simpsons. For the first time. BabyGirl finally made me and ya know what? They're actually somewhat funny.

I still dislike South Park, although I've never made it through an entire episode. So I guess you've inspired me... I'll try it the next time I see it.

Nelle said...

MY childhood best friend and myself have watched South Park for years. It's kind of our dirty little secret. While irreverent, it is hysterical for the most part. I miss my HRT so much. When I had a small breast cancer they said no more and my brain has been frozen ever since.

Lori said...

It may have been a rambling entry, but it was a very happy one! One of my sisters, the one who is 57, started HRT last year, and she said she SO wishes she could have had it long before. She calls it her anti-b**** pills. So I'm glad you are finding it a good thing for you, and I hope it keeps on working for you. Btw, the word verification below is "appycom". Would that be short for "happy computer", with a cockney accent? I wonder.

Chris said...

As much as I like to cook, I can't bake my way out of a paper bag.

South Park is topically hilarious. Did you know that for new episodes that they don't finish them until days before it airs? That's why they can always hit topics that are fresh in the news.

The satire in that show is some of the best on TV.

Becky said...

Ah yeah, South Park is a comedy gem. You should try Family Guy too. Funny stuff!