Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The List

Last year I participated in a terrific end of the year reflection exercise called Reverb 10. The website has been retired and it has been suggested that any interested party just sponsor their own Reverb.

With that in mind, I will make a list of things that I will concentrate on writing about in the month of December. They may be subject to change as time goes by.

1) Lessons learned this year.

2) High point of the year.

3) Progress on my 1001 days (begun over 1001 days ago!)

4) Memoir exercises - have this great book with a lot of prompts, so this will be my go to when I have brain freeze.

5) Plans for Retirement.

6) Reflections on my career path

7) Agism and its effects on my job search

8) Paths I did not take

9) People I would like to meet

10) My continued list of passions and hobbies

11) My attempts at cooking a new dish from one of my ten thousand cook books per week

12) Touring Memphis and area with me as I explore and discover

13) Forcing myself to pick up my camera and taking some fantastic shots!

14) My favorite TV show(s)

15) My thoughts on any articles from TIME magazine

16) List of five things I HAVE TO CHANGE in 2012

17) New people in my life

18) Where I would like to be this time next year

19) Cities I have lived in

20) What has changed the most this year in respect to my head (lol)

This is a list that can change at any moment, but at least a catalyst for filling the blank page every day!

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Sounds like a plan. Good Luck implementing it. take care.