Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The many Passions of Alphawoman

I have a new hobby! Once I looked at a friend of mine who was suffering from infernal boredom and I offered a suggestion that they find a hobby. Sitting in front of a TV and consuming beer was not a hobby. Maybe a sport, but not a hobby. What are you going to do when there is nothing of watch worthy and you don't have a dime for beer, or as they would say in Memphis "What you gonna do when ain't nothing on the tube and you dry..."

My hobbies aren't that expensive. A lot less expensive than playing golf or consuming expensive wine.

Some might say I jet past hobby and embrace passion when it comes to collecting Cook Books.

When we left C-ville the Goodwill received most my extensive book collection. I could not bring myself to (once again) rent a storage area to house thousands of books. I tired Abe to sell them off, but it was terribly time consuming and cost me out the wazoo as I priced them as collector items and could not compete with Amazon. Damn Amazon.

So I gave them away and kept only the Travel books, the Mystery books (i.e. my Sue Grafton collection, Sara Parensky collection etc) and odds and ends (first edition To Kill a Mockingbird). When it came to my Cook Books, they made the trip to Memphis and thank God, not in the car as the crazy Cat. (another story).

And so the saga continues with frequent trips to this marvelous Goodwill Book store in NE Mississippi. I can find the most unusual assortment of culinary marvels donated from uninterested inheritors. I have to look at it that way.

What would be the explanation for the following poignant inscription inside the cover of "COOK COUNTY HISTORIC COOK BOOK" (December 1989)

"To Kelly Anne F*******, my Grand daughter From Mama Jean. May you enjoy using some of these recipes in your cooking in years to come. I hope you enjoy reading the history of the different Homes and tows of Cook county, in the state of Georgia. My place of birth and where I live. Love you, Mama Jean"

And the Cook Book is exquisite. 380 pages in a spiral bound jewel weighing about two pounds!

I may even start using them in the future!


Lisa :-] said...

It's always good to "recycle" old hobby items. Starting over again is so much fun.

Lori said...

Sounds like a really good find! How could Kelly Anne have parted with it!

Eryl said...

What a find! I love cookbooks too, they tell the best stories. I'm currently tripping through the culinary mind of Julia Child, it's a joy!


What a treasure you discovered in that cookbook. I love a find like that. God forbid I have to move. I have more books than belongings. I don't know how you parted with yours. I guess it worse came to worse I could donate mine to the local library.