Sunday, November 06, 2011

We Inturrupt this Silence with an Update

What I have been up to as of late

Work work work. And it's a drag. I certainly miss the days when I jumped into a company car and drove around spreading the love on a daily basis. When I was finished or just ready to kill some time I would find a public library or a hotel with a business center and attend to my blog. Remember the good old days? Before Face Book and Twitter when you blogged? Times have changed and so have I. I really don't know how to use Twitter and I usually only comment on Face Book.

And blogging has almost gone the way of the dinosaur.

Honestly, I miss it quite a bit.

Quickly, yesterday I was distraught and so close to a teary breakdown that it is a miracle that it did not happen.

He reminded me of my Dad. He was elderly and ill, his puny body being pushed by wheel chair into the entrance to the Airplane Exhibit at Elvis World. I held open the door and he looked up at me from his slumped over position, from under a frumpy hat that covered his thinning white stringy hair, with runny eyes and a face that was wasting away with age.....and he gave me a beautiful smile. So much joy at being - here, at E-land.

And it hit so close to the bone.

My Dad would have been 92 on Friday. I miss him so much.


Donna said...

I'm still blogging as always. I do blab a lot on Facebook, but I don't do twitter. Tried it, it wasn't for me.

Nelle said...

Mary my Dad's birthday was Oct. 27th and it was so hard, our first without him. His headstone had been placed a day earlier and Mom took us all out for a dinner at a diner that we all used to go to. I love the holidays but know they will be rough this year. I am thankful with all the parents I might have had I was blessed with a loving Dad who was always there for us. I know you were too. How's your Mom doing? Missed your blogging my friend.

Lori said...

I don't blog like I used to either, although I did actually do two entries last week.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I SOOO miss the old blogging days. I'm still trying, occasionally. I'm always glad to see a post from an old favorite pop up from time to time. Good to hear from you!


I'm doing the blogging thing. LOVE it. Though I do like twittering too. Your dad lives on in you. Seeing the man who reminded you of him was a moment to remember and reflect. You did. Life moves on but the memories remain. Let them sustain you. Take care.