Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Write On Sister!

I finally got around to finding the results from the Bloggie Awards given out earlier this spring. I always find some terrific new blogs tucked among the usual suspects. What strikes me from this short blog jog I just ran is the lack of comments I encountered on some of these masterpieces.

Which got me to thinking. I wonder how many hits they get each day and of those hits how many comments?

Recently I submitted a request to be part of a Blog Hosting Tour. I answered all their questions and received this reply....
Thanks for applying to be a Novel Publicity Blog Tour Host. I've gone over your site using our specially developed blog evaluation worksheet and have listed my feedback in the attached excel document.

If you have any questions about something I've said or a suggestion I've made, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

Based on my review of your site, I think you need to focus on expanding your influence on Facebook and Twitter, making your blog more visually appealing, and adding a quick category list to your blog.

In the attached excel sheet, I've also included a tab called "stats tracking" along with some examples. I suggest you record the data asked for within the sheet on a daily basis and try to see if there are any patterns. I'd be interested in viewing these stats, when performing a follow-up evaluation of your site.

We frequently blog about how writers can use social media to help develop their platforms. This advice is for both published writers and bloggers. We strongly suggest you follow the series and make use of the suggestions. You can view our blogging, Twitter, Facebook advice and more at

We hope you'll keep checking back for our latest advice.

I did not realize they were going to do a critique of my humble little HTTP. Their input was interesting and I was tempted at first to follow the advice which followed in the work sheet. I even tried to make an Alphawoman Face Book page, but quickly fond out I am going to have some difficultly doing so from this computer.

After some thought I realized that maybe I did not want to Put Myself Out There. After all, I have been operating under the cloak of anonymity for almost nine years. Why would I want to screw it up now?

I wrote back stating those concerns and objections. I have not heard back. Not a word.

I suppose in this world of intense competition to get yourself a spot on Survivor, The Bachelor, the Amazing Race, the Biggest Loser, Big Brother, Wife Swap, and the list is endless the last thing anyone concerns themselves with is anonymity.

I have been paralyzed since receiving this evaluation trying to find a way to increase awareness and include interesting content just to...

Just to....

Just to what?

Screw it!!

I am content with my little corner of the world and if my hit counter is stalled out and my content is not universally interesting then that is my fate.

I accept it.

And I will Write On.


Lisa :-] said...

I'm sort of in the same place, Mary... Though I would like it if I was at least getting as many hits/comments as in the old AOL-J days. I think of all the people I used to "know" back then, and I wonder what happened to them. Glad you're still around. We'll just plod along together in near-anonymity, eh?

Donna said...

I have never blogged for the purpose of drawing an audience. My numbers go up and down. I can tell you that if you want lots of readers, start saying semi-controversial things about Christianity. I blog for myself and a few people who enjoy what I have to say or actually KNOW me. That said, I still watch my stats, for some strange reason.


I fear these people, who have critiqued you... have a formula they follow for supposed success and wanted you to plop your blog into it with careless abandon, just because they said so. What makes them experts? Their niche is theirs. Yours is yours. Mine is mine. There is something to be said for the quiet comfort of anonymity and uniqueness in the blogging world. I embrace it, like my old age and life experience.

Gerry Geelong said...

I have had a blogger site for a couple of years now, and have struggled to get readers followers etc, I think it part of the game so to speak to receive comments etc, it is so stimulating as well. So I started a wordpress site" Gerry's Space' and it is so much easier to get an audience. and so much easier to link facebook, twitter or any other. I still have the blogger site Gerry's Jaunts' but am doing little with it. Wrong I know, but I find it more restricted. But we do it for our own purposes. I enjoy your reads, thanks...always caring...;)

Nelle said...

I have read in numerous sources that if you are seeking employment this can be a big hindrance.Most search for FB and blogs you might have. What if you put something that the person who was looking at didn't like? I wouldn't chance it as long as I knew I might have a job search done. People have been FIRED for their blog posts. They may be people who don't worry about that kind of stuff but we are older and wiser, at least I think so.

alphawoman said...

Every job I have had in the past 10 years has specifically stated no blogging! Maybe the Dooce rule who knows! I have always cloaked the companies (though kind of flimsy!) I have worked for, but none the less, I would be fired for blogging about every one of them! Hence, Elvis World, The Beverage Company, The Mafia Mall The Bucket. Yup, revealing myself would only cause major problems.

Lori said...

Well, that's interesting. I like your blog just the way it is!