Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Tardy Thursday Thirteen

Dear Thursday 13,

Here I am with no excuses. I have ample free time on my hands and I find that once I have the coveted time, I have nothing to say! But if I were to write you a letter, outlining the wonderful time I have been having this week not working at Elvis World, lack of stress and bitterness and all that which makes you a crabby character of your former self, this is the letter I would write!

1) It took about two or three days for the dread to drop off, and for the reality to set in that I would never have to head to Elvis World dressed in that blue golf shirt looking like a man. Well, I could never look like a man with my knockers, but the shirts were the bane of my displeasure coupled with having to wear it tucked in with a belt. My figure is not made for such an travesty against fashion!

2) We had a fabulous week-end because I did not have to work at all! We watched basketball all week end and cheered the Wildcats past Indiana and then past that Baylor team? I keep getting them confused with Butler team from last year.

3) Tuesday we went to Oxford because we heard it was a beautiful city and it was! We walked around the town square bought a cool T-shirt for Joe with the zip code. I was forced to comment that it reminded me of the 502 T-shirt Adrien Brody made famous. Joe just looked at me like I was mad.

4) Mad a fantastic Eggplant Parmesan last night. Of course I had to buy $25 worth of cheese and other ingredients to make it! What's up with that? What's up with Kroger's not having Black Olives?? But I have cheese left over for other things - maybe some manicotti dish!

5) I have been out to the Shelby Farms Park twice this week! I even found a short cut of sorts. At least one that does not require me to drive on Highway 385! I have never seen people drive so dag gone fast before in my life!!

6) My short cut takes me past the Farmers Market, which is actually an International Super Market that caters to the Spanish population in Memphis. And many other nationalities, but mainly Spanish. I love that store!! Freshest and best veggies in town. Hence my abundance of eggplant.

7) Discovered some sort of Coconut wafer cookie while at the Farmers Market - too good for words. Wait I can't talk I am stuffing my mouth.

8) I feel really strong. Guess all that abuse to my poor old woman legs paid off in spades! I have begun running without any injuries so far. Two Days hahaha.

9) Do you watch Justified? I look forward to that show all week long! I have a feeling that it is nearing the end of the season and I am missing it already. This last episode has laid the ground work for a meeting of all the principal bad asses to meet for a power death struggle! And what is up with Dickie's hair do? It looks like he has had some sort of accident with a clipper. Please do not kill off Dickie.

10) Now that I have time on my hands I was able to rent Midnight in Paris and loved it!

11) Reading a book called Cutting for Stone that my sis gave me for my birthday. My other sis delivered the book starting that it was the best book the other sis read in years! I am on about page 160 and still not enthralled by it. Then again, I did not think The Help was the next best thing after To Kill a Mockingbird as was reported by many.

12) Have been on the Indeed web site applying for jobs. It is inevitable that I will have to find a full time gig. I would like to have at least a couple of weeks to breath deep and find something that will make me work smarter not work harder - you know what I mean?

13) Joe and I to go to Central KY for the Final Four. After all my favorite team, UK and my alma mater University of Louisville are playing against each other Saturday afternoon ensuring one of them will be in the final game Monday night! How fabulous is that?

Please write back!!


Lisa :-] said...

Enjoy your "retirement" for at least a few more weeks...

Nelle said...

You are recharging your batteries which is what you desperately needed. Was thinking...I have unlimited long distance calling so if you ever want to chat just send me your phone no and I will call you. By now you know I am not one of those crazy loons you meet who stalk you on the internet. Your devoted fan, Flower Lover hehehe

thegirlfriendmom said...

Sounds like you got into that easy rhythm quite seamlessly. Enjoy it!