Monday, March 26, 2012

Free at Last

It was the most difficult thing last week, going in to Elvis World every day knowing each minute that passed was my last for that particular day for the rest of my life working in that brain numbing work environment.

Yes, I will miss all the Fans. Well, most of them. Their stories and their enthusiasm made the days palatable. I will miss a lot of the staff, the other associates. There are a couple I am so relieved to know I will never have to be in their presence ever again.

You know how it is.

Then I complete the 13 hour day by heading into the Bucket. It was a joy to know this was the last time I will be doing that! I mean, standing all frigging day long and then standing some more.

My calves thank me.

I am too old for that.

Friday night the circus was in town and as one young man left the Bucket, a happy young thing of about eight or nine, I said "You have a nice evening!"

He turned to me and said, "I have to go! I have elephants waiting on me!"

How can you top that?


Lisa :-] said...

I think you are well rid of Elvis World. They obviously believe that their employees are so thrilled to be working there that they will put up with any crap management dishes out. As you say--you are too old (and wise) for that.

Gerry Geelong said...

Good riddance as we might say..nice post and enjoy read.. well done thanks;;;)


Who can top elephants, indeed. REVEL in the MOMENT. Your life is yours again. When one door closes, another opens. Take care.

Nelle said...

I am hopping and praying that you will find a job, a place worthy of having you. Something that will make you happy. I miss my job, my coworkers everyday. It was a lot of stress though and I would have not been able to return to that. I keep hoping that for you the best is yet to come!
love ya,

colleen said...

I don't understand the leap from Elvis World to the bucket. Are you working at the circus now?! I must have missed an earlier explanation. Your job at Elvis World reminds me of the many years I worked at a bead shop and how old retail in general can get.