Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Woman Behind the Curtain

I looked at it as a Win-Win situation. Either I was given the job of Merchandise Lead or I resign and find a job closer to home, thus cutting out an hour of daily drive time not to mention the rising cost of gas.

After the interview the wait began. We were told that the decision would be made on Monday. I had ample time to prepare myself for the outcome either way. It was amusing to me that if given the job I was determined to find something else, though I waited....

And waited...

And waited.

Monday came and went. I began to get nervous. I felt I had a 90% chance of being awarded the promotion. On Tuesday it dropped to a 75%. By Friday morning I knew I did not get it and I was quite nervous about being called back to the office and given the bad news.

I was not certain how I would handle it. Would I cry? Would I cry out! Would I make some horrific remark! The possibilities were limitless. I even felt a little sick.

In the end I just walked calmly to the back offices and was told that the promotion was given to someone else. I said, "I'm disappointed" and for some stupid reason I thanked her.

I then walked across the street to HR, asked to speak to the Director and handed in my resignation which I had written earlier in the morning and held in my pocket. Despite the fact that my face was blood red with the humiliation and disappointment, I felt such tremendous relief that I temporarily toyed with the idea of just walking off and away.

But I went back to my station behind the cash register and continued on with my day.

For the past three days I have been writing my Exit Letter in my head, addressed to the VP of Merchandise. It would go something like this...

I have had some horrendous managers in my life time but Ms. TS is at the top of the list. I have endured the Reign of Terror imposed on me by Heather Be Thy name, the narcissistic, accident prone, hypochondriac, self absorbed, 6 foot tall blond pony tailed 40 year old Amazon cheerleader who would bully the guest for "cutting line" and wear pants so low and tight that when she bent over her crack showed. When this fact was pointed out to her she told us we were making it up. We took to taking pictures of her Royal Hind-ness thus amusing ourselves with seeing who could get the most revealing! She took to wearing the tightest clothes and most daring plunging neck lines when she was trying to catch the eye of a new Restaurant manager and made our lives a living hell.

She was not the worst.

I once was assigned to a department that was headed up by the Boy Wonder. He was 23 years old and had the audacity say out loud "We need to get rid of that old Fart" speaking of the senior Key Account Manager to a room full of people! He had the gall to demand that we drive to his apartment and administer medicine to his ailing kitten. He blamed anything that went wrong on his Assistant. He once had a car accident and made the passenger lie about who was driving and go take the drug test!

He was not the worst.

For six months I directly reported to a woman who was having a torrid affair with another manager in the company, she began dressing like a Hooker and was totally unavailable for any type of business shenanigans. I had to do all the work and she presented it all to the bosses as her own.

She was not the worst.

The worst is the woman sitting behind the Curtain in the Back Office who never shows her face on the Plaza or the Crossing unless it is absolutely unavoidable and task oriented. She sits at her desk and watches the Associates with her camera's and makes no attempt to manager anyone, speak to anyone or provide any type of leadership.

This is a woman who considers writing someone up for minor infractions as Constructive Criticism. She thinks the minimum wage is $5.25. This is a woman who lied to me five months ago when she all but promised me the Lead Position in January if I would stay and as an associate until Spring.

That is so cleansing. I know it is sour grapes but it feels so good. I do not believe in burning bridges. So when and if she even acknowledges that I have resigned I will try to maintain the high road and just say my time here is finished.

Elvis World will have to limp along without me.



It is ELVIS's loss. Time to move forward and face whatever lies ahead. VENTING is good. I will miss your stories about the people who visited GRACELAND. GOOD LUCK. Hang in there. You've paid your dues. GOOD things are headed your way.

Lisa :-] said...

Of all the bridges I have crossed in my life, I have burned a few, and many have been burned behind me by those left on the other side. Either way, life goes on...and I'm sure there's a better adventure out there for you somewhere, Mary.

Nelle said...

This reminds me of a job I had about ten years ago. I had a 26 yr. old boss who was quite immature. I was mid 40s. He took exception to every word I said. He listened to my phone calls and ripped them apart. He screamed at me in front of coworkers who tried to intervene on my behalf. I could take no more. I went to HR and told them SOME of the stuff. They called him in and forced him to have some training but refused to let me change bosses. One day he did something terrible. He forwarded an email to another dept. in which I criticised their refusal to assist me in straightening out an incorrect bill. I received an email saying they would never help me again. I typed up a letter of resignation and left it on his desk and walked out the door. Later HR called me to discuss what had happened. He was reprimanded and they told me I could come back. No way I told them. I have never regretted doing that. Not one day. I got a much better job with higher pay in the long run. I would tell HR on your last day there or give them a letter with this information. They won't give you a bad reference because of it. This company gave great references for me.