Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Boss is Back!

I came in late Friday night after a wonderful time at the Bucket! Joe was out like a light in front on the Television which allowed me the luxury of channel surfing.

Realizing it was late enough for Jimmy Fallon I quickly switched over and there was The Boss, Bruce Springsteen promoting his new CD, The Wrecking Ball, for the entire show. It was so great that if you did not see it please at least check out this performance from NBC ...


The moment it started I thought "Celtic". Oh Baby, not bad for an old rocker.

I rushed out yesterday morning and purchased the CD. A no brainer. Download it? Hell no, I must have the real deal.

With downloading and purchasing music from Amazon or file sharing, it is not often that I purchase a CD. I am inundated, smothered, saturated, immersed, snowed under, buried up to my eyeballs with music. If it's not all day with Elvis it's all night being brain washed with the Bucket's collection of Country music. You would think the soundtrack of my life is overwhelming these days.

Well, it is

But I am reminded why I love music and why it moves and excites me when I see Bruce Spingsteen show how it's done on Late Night Television.

It was mind blowing. Especially when they did "The E Street Shuffle" and the audience stormed the stage and rocked out.

It does not get any better than that.



Never been a big Springten fan, myself. Have liked one or two of his songs throughout the years, though. So I understand the attraction to his music. So you ROCK ON. ENJOY!

Nelle said...

Mary, my FIRST high school dance I attended was played by Bruce. He was a senior at the high school I went to freshman year. He did a cover of the BeeGees To Love Somebody and it killed. Over the years I have seen him perform live many times. He never disappoints and I love his music. Haven't gotten this CD yet and I missed the show but will find it and see it. He is a great humanitarian and is very generous to the county food bank.

Andy in Evansville said...

Couldn't agree with you more...I saw Bruce at the Paramount in Asbury Park in January. The dude is 62, ripped and didn't come on stage until after midnight and played for over 2 hours!

WB is a's gets better every time I listen, and I'm glad you love it :)

And Nelle if you see this...I'm green with envy!