Monday, March 19, 2012

The Scintilla Project

A Fortnight of Storytelling - Day 4

What does your everyday look like? Describe the scene of your happiest moment of each day.

As of late, my day begins with a certain weariness. The details are boring and repetitive. Only remarkable in their similarity of calculations of what to wear, will I be changing later and what time am I to arrive which dictates what time I am to leave.

I drink coffee, fuss with my hair, mentally think about which bills need to be mailed off, if anyone's birthday is coming up, do I have cards to mail or do I need to purchase new ones, if I need to fiddle with the DVR to tape any shows or basketball games, if I need to iron a shirt or if they were removed in time from the dryer, sit at the computer and check Facebook and e-mails and blogs. One of the best times of the day is the smell of coffee telling me the pot is ready.

Before turning the key to start the car I say a silent prayer, a plea to please have the car start. It usually does, keeping my procrastinated timing of hitting the road to arrive at work on time has not been thwarted. One of the best times of the days is the relief of the engine catching.

I work. the best time of the day is meeting that unexpected Guest who shares a part of themselves with you. "I am the same age as Elvis. When I was 16 I came to Memphis and rode on a motorcycle with him". What a wonderful memory I tell her.

I clock out and get into my car and pray the engine turns over. It usually does.

I go home or go to The Bucket. The Bucket is homey and nice.

But the best most anticipated time of the day is pulling into the drive way at "home" and knowing that someone is waiting for me.


Gerry Geelong said...

Lovely read thank you.look forward to your next.. ;)


Happiest moment of each day is stumbling into bed in the wee hours of each morning. I'm giddy with the notion that each mundane moment is now behind me and it's onto the next. Loved hearing about your car prayer. I've been there, done that.

That gentleman's lady said...

Happiest moment?

Phone beeps. I contemplate ignoring it. I look at it and it's a text from my favorite person in the world.

Yep, that, or a phone call.