Monday, March 12, 2012

May Day May Day or May-May Day

I called "out" Monday morning. I slept fitfully all night dreaming about how I was going to do it. It's hilarious that I felt such anguish over taking a day off when I am not sick. It's inconceivable that I have not done this "mental health" thing in so long that I can't even remember the last time.

They did not even ask why. It went like this, "I won't make it in today." "OK"

All that tossing and turning over nothing! But, then again that is the kind of employee I am, conscientious and trustworthy.

Which reminds me of the Good old Days at the Beverage Company in Lexington. It was necessary to call in before 6am and leave a voice mail for our District Sales Manager (DSM). You did not want to ever talk to him in real time!! Horrors! He might tell you to get your sorry ass to work pronto! (My DSM's nickname was "Coochie" or shorter, "Cooch", I hope that tells you something).

So you would call in at 6am knowing only an act of God would have hm at his desk at that hour, and leave your message.

Depending on Cooch's mood, if they were interesting and amusing enough, we would be called into his office to listen and make judgement on their validity and integrity.

Once of my favorites was DH calling with the "Jack Daniel" flu. He sounded like he was laying in a ditch on the side of the road, voice barely audible delivered in a raspy whisper, "Cooch, I'm sick" and then he hung up.

I had to call in one morning, one fateful morning after eating almost the entire bag of the devilishly delicious cinnamon and sugar almonds and then following it up with some fresh pineapple! My mouth and subsequently my lips, swelled up so much that Joe referred to me as Angelina Jolie. I was mortified, but curiously intrigued with my new look.

The coup de grace was when my Stepdaughter said "You look like a duck!"" and then seeing my stunned reaction, followed up with, "A pretty Duck".

Cooch called everyone into the office to listen to my Call-In message.

"B, I can't come in, I have Big Lips".

I had the highest score for that month.

Anyway, I miss that family of Co-workers. The best job and best people ever, except for the Boy Wonder, but he eventually left and Cooch took over the reigns. After that we were running with scissors and drinking milk from the carton.

I spent all day Monday having down time. I went to the Book store, the Public library, the antique Mall and shopped at ALDI.

I needed the day off and did have to disfigure myself with Big Lips to get it!



Never heard of BIG LIPS as a day off excuse. LOL I'm glad you got some down time, this time around. Mental Health days are important, for sure. take care.

Nelle said...

We had the same problem calling out at my previous job. I was getting a rep I think for calling out so much. I was required to call EACH DAY unless I was technically out on disability. The nurses were floored when I was in ICU and had to call out each morning before 7a.m. You don't even have a phone in there so I had to use my cell. Oh the humanity.