Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too Much Sour Cream

So what do you do? I mean, come on! Sour Cream was on sale at Kroger's and I had a 40 cents off coupon!

The first thing I did was make Beef Stroganoff. Oh yum. thank you Paula Dean and her fantastic recipe I have been using for quite some time that only requires you to over come your fears of simplicity when it comes to preparing a meal and plopping in a can of mushroom soup. Joe eats all the meat and I am left with a creamy mushroom sauce over noodles for lunch the next day.

I have all this left over Sour Cream!!

So I make a bunt cake from this totally left field Cook Book from the Bucket. Ah ha! Sour cream.

Can you say Death by Chocolate? It is a little bit heavy for my taste but I would like to smother it in a chocolate ganache .

And the same cook book has a recipe for Coconut Cake that sounds too good to be true!

Today I was day dreaming like I have not day dreamed since High School. I literally had to snap myself out of it. But I was putting together a very simple cook book with all my favorites. I was designing the front cover and one thing lead to anther and I said out loud "VISTAPRINT".

I think this was all brought on by a conversation I over heard at the Book store. A woman talking on her cell phone about a No Kill rescue center she wanted to open but she had no idea how to even begin and so she called her friend, because she/he went to business school or so she thought, and she needed help.

I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and mouth the words, "BUSINESS PLAN"....


Nelle said...

I had so many great recipes using cans of cream of mushroom soup. I can't have that now because of the high sodium content. That was a crock pot staple.I have a good recipe for a Bundt cake with chocolate chips I think that has sour cream.


I had to smile. I just got back from Kroger's and read this. That store is 40 miles away from me. My coupon was for a FREE container of Hagen Daz sorbet. I reached way back in the freezer to get one. then drove like hell to get home. But I brought a spoon and was prepared to pull over if need be. LOL My hubby and I have all the recipes from his aunt and mom. We've been toying with the idea of a cookbook for years. I say you should DO IT.

colleen said...

I have a good stroganoff recipe from the la leache league cookbook that I haven't made in years and if I did it would be with venison.

I love that kind of dreaming. It happens so infrequently now.