Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Rant

Before I rant about the most current thing that has pissed me off, Blogger is about to receive one too! I had to maneuver through more screens than I am use to to arrive here! I had to tell them I am not ready to make the switch to Beta yet! I'm not ready!!

Now, what I really want to rant about is BLOGLINES.

What is up with them? I think more than 2/3 of my feeds are not updated anymore by this service. I have to manually link to each one to see if anything new is poster.

This is just not right!!

I use to love and brag about Bloglines.

Now I suppose I will have to find another service.

Does anyone use one other than Bloglines?


Anonymous said...

No.. I don't use BlogLines. I've heard of similar problems with technorati not keeping current, though.

ian said...

Never touch the stuff myself. I ping Technorati once or twice a week if I remember. But I'm not really obsessessessed over word count. Heh. I just wrote "word count" instead of hit count. Obviously I'm thinking about my nanobook instead. I meant stat count. Yeah, sure. That's what I meant.


Anonymous said...

I gave up on Bloglines - I thought they were the best for a long time. No longer. Let me know if you find anything good.


Cynthia said...

I got sick of Bloglines as well, and though I didn't delete my blogs from there, I'm moving them to Blogrolling. It's much, much easier to add and delete links, and the biggest problem I've found so far is that it will give me an update notice when the blog may not have been updated. However, it hasn't missed a real blog update.

Solorn said...

Try RSSfeeder from Works along the same lines but is far more reliable just be aware that not all blogs work on it. I have a mix of Blogger/Livejournal/Tyepad accounts all fed through it and it pings when someone updates:)

Robbie said...

I've been having the same problem with Bloglines. I've even tried deleting the link and re-adding it to no avail. I'm thinking it has to do with which feed I selected, but I haven't tried to investigate it any further yet.

Lisa :-] said...

Yeah...I'm a little peeved with bloglines myself. And I used to be a "true believer..."

I first noticed the problem with AOL blogs...Bloglines pretty much stopped notifying me of new entries on a bunch of the AOL journals I still follow. I had to go back to the "AOL Alert" thing on some of them..and even THAT doesn't work all the time (as we all know.)

A more reliable service would be really nice. If you find one, let me know. :-]

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gigi said...

Um, what was that previous comment all about? ;)

Since I've been offline for a while I didn't realize Bloglines wasn't updating properly. So far I haven't seen a problem, but I'll be watching for it now. I've come to rely on it; I'd hate to have to change yet again...

And I'm not ready to switch to Blogger Beta yet either! Blogger glitches (especially on picture uploads) so often as it is. I'm afraid. Very, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

That must be the reason you've been ignoring me. Ha! I'll just habe to provide my own bloglines messages:
Waterboy New entry! How's that?