Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I scrawled some things down in a tiny notebook while I was driving. I am hoping that the chicken scratch will spark the memory of why I wrote it down in the first place. They are suppose to be themes for essays!

1) Two names

2) White noise

3) Bob Dylan vrs. Buena Vista Social Club

4) System jolt with Amazing Race

5) Love affair lately with books about Africa

6) Worthy adversary

7) Deer Nation

I should be able to pull a post or two out of that! And I should write a list daily of the nonsense that flies around in my head as I drive.

Because, God knows there is a lot of nonsense up there.


Cynthia said...

I do the same thing -- make lists while I drive. Since my cell phone will record memos though, I do that rather than write them now.

Lisa :-] said...

I think of shit while I'm working in the cafe kitchen (where else am I ever these days?) and then I forget about it when the fatigue overtakes me. I ought to keep a tape recorder on me...

gigi said...

I want to hear about number 4...

A.Roberson said...

You wanna talk about nonsense??? You should see my two latest posts. They're the only things that I could come up with to keep y'all interested and entertained. Talk about the pressures of blogging ;-)