Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Sound of My Addiction... the click click click on the keyboard as I cruise around E-Bay.

I gave it up last year and then found another site that made me break my vows of abstinence, Steal it back. I finally weaned myself off of that and had gotten through the withdrawal when my husband discovered The BIDZ site.

Good lord!! I went crazy until I could get it under control! (though I did find some amazing earrings for so cheap!!)

Now its back with a vengeance.

I was just cruising some blogs, minding my own business when I read an entry about a pair of boots someone had ordered over the Internet and was disappointed when they arrived.

It kick started a memory of a favorite pair of boots I had a long time ago, a beautiful pair of Frye boots somehow I talked my parents into buying for me as a Christmas present. They were wonderful and I wore them for many years, had them resoled twice but then they cracked on the upper body. I took them to a shoe cobbler and he put a patch on them. I hated it and eventually put them into a Goodwill box before moving to Florida (this was a very long time ago).

With Frye boots on the mind I went to their web site. Do you have any idea how expensive those boots are these days???? I could not believe it, but I suppose in 1978 dollars, they are probably about the same.And I did not see the version that I had oh so many years ago anyway.

Is there anything you can not find on E-Bay??

There they were,not one but several pairs of vintage campus Boho cuffed boots! So I bid and just now I found out I won!

They are not cracked, but look exactly like mine. Which means....kind of rough.

I really never dreamed I'd win them for $13.50. Guess there will be a lot of elbow grease involved breathing life back into them.

But they are going to look fabulous!

Coming Attractions - before and after photos of Frye Boots


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Lisa :-] said...

I can't believe you bid on these things, Mary. My DH went through a phase where he was haunting ebay looking to pick up pieces of his childhood. We are now the proud owners of a "Littlest Angel" (as read by Loretta Youg) 78-rpm record. And several turntables that we won and found out didn't work... LOL!

Enjoy your boots, and Happy Thanksgiving! :-]

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog! Favor to ask you though: Will you please stop by my blog and add your city to my map? (at the bottom of the blog) I am curious to see how many cities I can get on there. I just set up the virtual map a few minutes ago. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm NOT even going to click on those links. I'm tempted but, I'll be strong. I think.

Looking forward to the pictures of the boots.



Anonymous said...

Way to go winning the bid! I love ebay :)

Dona said...

Blessings to you and those you love during this season. Be safe. Be happy.

Dona (who will resist the click)

Dawn said...

You got a great deal on those Frye boots. I had a pair for years and when we left Massachusetts, I also gave them to Goodwill. Loved them.

Becky said...

Frye There's a distant memory that was waiting for a trigger. I love Ebay! I dredge up some obscure (I think) collectible of mine now and again then go look for it on Ebay to see what the hucksters are selling it for. It's like a free appraisal.