Saturday, November 18, 2006


"Hero" is the theme for this week Sunday Scribblings. I find myself looking forward to the announcement of the subject every week. I find that it gives me one full day of thinking about what I want to say, rolling it over in my head, looking at it from different angles, going in one direction and then discarding that and heading in another. It is a pleasant day of reflection finding so many different paths to explore.

I immediately began to list the hero’s that are very personal and have touched my life. My parents, my Nana, my extended family, a teacher here and there etc.etc. etc.

Then I though about the people from the media who have caught my attention for their heroics. Cathy Sheehan, for her determination to show the government that there is an anti-war atmosphere in this country, immediately came to mind.

And that kid from New York, who despite being autistic, was a member of the basketball team and in the last moments of the last game of his senior year was finally put in. In his words, he “was on fire” and scored 20 points in a matter of minutes. I loved that. I loved seeing the crowd go wild, storm the court and carry him off on their shoulders.

I admire the fact that neither one of them ever gave up. That they did not falter in the face of adversity and misfortune.

That when it was time they Caught Fire.

Inside each of us resides a hero. I don’t think we are programmed to think this way. That we feel it is boasting or unbecoming to feel that we have characteristics that certainly qualify us as hero‘s. Each day we overcome our own personal circumstances, and act in certain ways that are definitely in accordance with those parameters that surround the idea of hero or heroic.

Raising a child is one of the most heroic things a person can attempt. It is the first time in my life when I was not at the center of my universe, she was. I always put her first and on that handful of times where I feel I have let her down, they still hurt and I will take those to my grave.

Every day each one of us does something that is outside our normal routine. Sometimes they are just little bits of kindness and considerations, holding doors open, letting people merge in traffic, smiling at someone, thanking someone for doing their job, cooking your spouse that special thing they like, holding your tongue when you want to say something caustic, going the extra little bit that makes the difference when you do not have to.

We all catch fire when we are called upon to step up and operate outside our comfort zone. Then just as quickly, we slide back inside that familiar place called ourselves.

We all have hero’s under our skin, residing in our hearts.

And I salute every single one of us!


mcewen said...

Now this is the blog that I needed to start my day on a positive note.
Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'll start thinking of my heros . . . have a great day

Cynthia said...

What a wonderful entry. To the heroes, long may we flame.

Anonymous said...

You've certainly inspired me to "catch fire" this morning! Great post, and that's a great motivational phrase, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...good to meet you :)

Anonymous said...

I read the story of the autistic boy in a Guideposts magazine. It was inspiring!

Autrice DelDrago said...

I agree!

Glad you discovered Sunday Scribblings, and thanks for stopping by.

Lisa :-] said...

Goodness, seem to have mined a whole new readership!

I like this new inspiration you have found. It gives us an opportunity to enjoy your talent. :-]

A.Roberson said...

I left a mysterious pic on my photoblog at

Check it out, leave your thoughts of what you think it is, and I'll let you know in a day or two ;-)

Anonymous said...

And WE are saluting right back. Great and thought provoking post.

r's musings said...

I went with this angle this week, to find the hero within, too. I like that idea of catching fire, being helpful.

Anonymous said...

"Raising a child is one of the most heroic things a person can attempt."
LOL! I have two of them and I have to agree with you on that one.

Lily said...

The fire is like the ripples analogy- when we send ripples out into the pond, we never know on whose shores they will lap.

Nice to meet you.

I agree on mothering, at least I view parenting that way.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you writing for a newspaper or magazine? You really ought to submit some of your work. This was particularly inspiring. Monica

Denise said...

This is how we should each be thinking every day.

Matt Langdon said...

I love your term, "Caught Fire". I've been writing about heroes on my blog for a few months and there's a moment in all hero's stories where they receive the Call To Adventure - that's when they catch on fire. Great term.

Velcro said...

I think it might change the way we live if we ask ourselves the question, "Whose hero am I?"

It would be a constant motivation to live our lives to the fullest.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

We all have heros under our skin, I like that line!

Great example, they caught the fire and passed it on to us!

Barb said...

I saw the comment you left a while ago and can answer your questions here.

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It would recommend putting anything else you have on your sidebar in a txt file like Notepad before switching.

I do know one person who had trouble figuring out how to get her header pic back up, but she did figure it out and I could point you to her for help. I don't use one so I'm clueless :)

You don't need a google email. You use the same one you always did. In fact all your current setting will stay when you switch. You just need a Google account to sign in with (since this is owned by them) and I believe it will prompt you to open one.

I agree about Blogger help. They are NO help.