Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Vote Counted!

Late last week I took my husband to the Court House in downtown Jeffesonville Indiana to cast his vote. The hallway was packed with people waiting their turn to do the same thing. Early voting is allowed in this state without having to give a reason. Just show up with the correct and proper identification and you can do it.

I had voted earlier in the week. As I sat and waited (approx. 45 min.) I was surrounded with the hum and buzz concerning the pending appearance of Sarah Palin in our community. The women sitting next to me, more than likely in her 70's, with her eyes bright with anticipation talked of sending her husband to stand in line to secure tickets so that she could be one of throngs chanting.

The gentleman to the right of me was practically giddy talking about Palin and how she was going to clean up Washington the way she cleaned up Alaska. I made eye contact with a gentleman of color who was sitting in between us, he smiled slightly.

Last night as I watched the election results I was surprised by the emotion that overcame me when CNN announced, with the closing of the polls in California, that Barack Obama was being declared the next President of the United States. I became choked up and tears began to stream down my face.

I was transported back to my Civics Class in 1968, with Mrs Tibbs, when the door to our classroom flew open and startled us. We were more started by the news, Martin Luther King, Jr. had been shot in Tennessee.

What a far way we have traveled in the 40 years since that moment in time to this moment.

As I voted for Obama I prayed that my vote would mean something.

As the next president of the United States carried my state of Indiana by a mere 20,000 votes, I know it did.


Indigo said...

It was priceless watching the election last night. I think in one single night hope was re-ignited in the hearts of Americans. Hope for a better future, for a solid future. (Hugs)Indigo

Lisa :-] said...

Your vote counted indeed!

Though a presidential vote in Oregon doesn't hold much weight, I still feel that my vote counted. I will go down in history as having voted for the first black president of the United States. Does that feel good, or what?

Beth said...

I didn't realize you're in Jeffersonville. We're in South Bend! We voted early, too, and yes, our votes counted!

I was thrilled about the landslide victory, of course, but I think I was just as thrilled that our red state turned blue in this election.

All my best,

Cynthia said...

Isn't that a great feeling?

Monica said...

Being a former Hoosier, it was so great to see that the state went to Obama - this is a first in over 40 years! Your vote counted.


Slapinions said...

In my lifetime my vote has never, not once, counted towards a Presidential victory. Even in my youth, when I counted myself a Democrat the 'classroom' vote would be against me. WI has always voted counter to my ballot. Congrats on your win.


Paul said...

I feel good...I knew that I would