Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wistful Wednesday - 1947

Thanks to Far Side of Fifty I am continuing with posting old family photo's and telling the stories!

This is how I remember my Mothers Mother! A no nonsense get to work kind of lady. Mom was 19 when she graduated from college and Grandma thought she was too young to go on to graduate school so she took her to Ireland for six months.

So, there is about 15 - 16 years between the pic last week and this one. Man, did she ever age bringing up three girls and my wild Uncle!

Here she is, getting ready to toss the hay I think.

Here is the a story told to me by my Aunt Kitty from Ireland, who is around my Mom's age and her first cousin. Kit is also my Grandma's name (lots of Catherine's in my this day even, still Kit's too)

Sitting around the table, having a spot of tea and talking, Aunt Kit's mother says, "Kitty is first in her class this year!"

My Grandma Kit responds, "My Tess was first in the school!" (Tess is my Mom).

Undeterred, Aunt Kitty's mother says, "My Kit has a boyfriend this year who is taking her to the dance!"

Grandma Kit responds, "My Tess had three boyfriends."

Undaunted, (since they are sister in law's and in great competition and Aunt Kit's mother is beginning to realize she may be in over her head), "My Kit was the goalie for the winning team of the Ashbourne Trophy this year!" (how could Kit trump this!)

"My Tess won the city wide Irish dance contest in all of New York! Five years running!"

Aunt Kitty's mother had to give up in defeat.

My Mom, Tess, and my Aunt Kitty sat at the table, sipping their tea, not daring to utter a word under the glare of the clashing titans.

"Everyone was in awe of your Mother", Aunt Kitty confided to me with a rolling of her eyes!

And I thought, "They probably In awe of my Grandmother too!"

(it looks like she is wearing some kind of plastic apron! Maybe leather? Maybe she is getting ready to slaughter a sheep or a chicken. Also, what does she have in her hands? Looks dark and ominous.......)


~~Kath~~ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I lik your blog - I'll come back again. ~~Kath~~

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey! Great Photo, sometimes they leave us with more questions than answers. I am curious about her circular broach (I am assuming it is a broach and not a necklace.) The shiny apron is also something I have not seen. You are correct what ever dark thing she has in her hand is ominous looking. Could it be a hat? Far Guy thinks it is a knitting needle and a project. I spied a chicken! Very interesting photo! Thanks for sharing:)

Donna said...

A very enjoyable story indeed. Looks like a knitting project in her hands, but why the apron?

She looks like a very strong woman.

Chris said...

Awesome story and great picture.