Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Sweet Childhood Memory

Things certainly have changed over the years. Especially when I was a kid and my Mom was the stay at home kind. We lived on a shoe string. I realize that now. We never felt deprived of anything. Our Christmas was just like everyone else. Our parents were the Depression Era Kids, so we were never lavished with gifts. Under the tree always looked plentiful because there were so many of us! Usually each of us received two gifts from our parents and several more from Aunts and Uncles. Christmas was wonderful and I remember each Madam Alexander doll,my first bike, the year I got the Barbie (!),the Beatle albums, the Chatty Cathy doll! Each one was very special. Even that small itty bitty sewing machine. The clothes were quickly forgotten though when I see the Christmas pictures from those long ago days, I realize I am wearing some brand new clothes and remember those were part of my Christmas loot.

Birthday's were the same. One or two gifts and a great birthday party where you received gifts from your friends. Usually coloring books and junk like that. Still, highly anticipated and oh so sweet.

Remember the Christmas when the favorite toy was the large box it came in?

I recall with vivid clarity how I loved to play with my Mothers "costume jewelry". That was what she called it, not to be confused with the real jewelry...which I don't think she ever had! I would sit on the floor and take each piece out, examine it then lay it next to the box. Everything out, put on, taken off, respectfully put back in the box in the proper place and returned to the top of the dresser where I would beg to play with it again on any given day.

One day Joe came home with a bunch of costume jewelry that had been blown into the front yard. (I kid you not!). As I sifted through it all those cheap baubles I recalled that lovely memory. I remembered how thrilled I was when I hung all those necklaces around my small neck and attached all those fake gem brooches to my blouse and had the heavy bracelet's sliding down my arm.

The seed of an idea began to grow.

This is what I am going to give the Grand baby for her Third Birthday! A box of jewelry! She always is wanting to wear whatever I have on's just perfect.

Above is a jar of colorful bits of glass and beads I found at the Goodwill.

Look at that Indian Beading!! To die for when I was a kid. And three rosary's in there too!!

All for $6.00.

Now all I need is to find one of those jewelry boxes with the little ballerina that twirls around to Lara's theme.

I hope she likes it. I have a strong feeling her ten month old brother will.


Beth said...

I had one of those jewelry boxes with the twirly ballerina!

Great idea--what little kid doesn't love baubles like that? (I have to admit, it makes ME want to look for a jar full of costume jewelry, too!)


Lisa said...

Oh I think she is going to love it. I had one of those jewelry boxes, I remember it well.

I didn't realize we were considered poor too when I was growing up. My mom made my christmas magical though and I have so many fond memories of those simpler days.

Indigo said...

I think every little girl remembers her mom or grandmothers jewelry box. What a priceless gift. (Hugs)Indigo

Lisa :-] said...

I could supply at least a half-dozen "grandbabies"nwith all the stuff in my jewelry box that I don't wear anymore. Sadly, I don't have a granddaughter. I'll have to get someone to lend me one...

Great post, Mary. Thanks for the memories!

Becky said...

Oooh! I would have flipped over a present like that when I was a little girl...who am I kidding. I would flip NOW too. LOL

Nelle said...

This is a gift I gave one of my friend's daughters several years ago and it was a huge hit. That same year her Mom gave her a cardboard trunk filled with dress up stuff like boas. Right now at Walmart I purchased a jewelery box for ten dollars that has the word LOVE under glass. You can put photos in that. I just did one for my niece with pics of her mom, her uncle, her grandma and myself. She might be abit young for that one but what a great reasonable gift.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a wonderful idea! So thoughtful! And a fun gift to shop for also, Thrift stores my favorite places to shop! You will be forming and sharing a memory how cool is that! :)

Paul said...

You write so well when youare doing family history. Well, travel, too. I guess just about all the time.