Saturday, November 26, 2005

Light Up Louisville

I made it down here to Louisville in only three hours! Not much of a rush hour in Indianpolis. Great way to not lose time. It's amazing how much more young kids remember. We arrived at the square moments before Santa plugged in the gigantic electrical plug. Scott noted that we arrived just in time last year too. Hmmmm. Bridget thought the lights and the fireworks were more elaborate last year too. Hmmmmmmmmm again.

They thought it was very cold walking from the building to the square. I thought "Ha!" This is not cold. This is chilly! Every morning in Ft. Wayne the wind chill has put the temperature in the teens. Walking in 30 degree weather was like a day at the beach. Ha hahaha.

I am worried about Bridget. She has not been feeling well for some time now. She went to the doctor almost two months ago to try and diagnosis what is ailing her. It was thought that she might have pancreatic (sp?) this past summer. The doctor began by trying to eliminate things. Unfortunately, she told Bridget that as a last result they would scope her. Immediately she began to collect stories about how horrible that is! I am too far away to force her to go. Like those years of long past......she is an adult now. I worry. My sister has suggested Crohns disease.

I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

If I could find their ubc plug I would see how the pictures turned out from last night. I have not purchased a DSLR as of yet. I found a great deal on the Internet, but they tried so hard to up sell me that it turned me off. A re-chargeable battery pack for $80! I hate recharge able batteries!!! And then he tired to tell me that I needed a very expensive flash card.....I said, "I think I need to rethink this purchase."

I truly want one. Hey,I need one!!! I really do.


Lisa :-] said...

Sorry to hear about Bridget being ill. A mother worries no matter how far her ids get from the nest...

I think I'm gonna stick with my regular digital for awhile. I've had it or a year, and am still figuring out the different things it can do. And as far as rechargeablesl...jeez I would have gone broke buying AA batteries by now if I didn't have my rechargeables... Lisa :-]

Nelle said...

I also hate rechargeables. They get lost, or the charger does. Bought little lanterns outside that are solar w/rechargeable batteries and they still need constant replacing. Hope Bridget feels better soon.

Becky said...

I like my little charger and the 2 batteries I bought for my Canon. Get the camera! It will mean cooler photos for your fans to admire. ;-)