Saturday, November 19, 2005

Trip Planner

Joe wants to start planning a trip for next year. He has decided on the first few weeks of January! So far his web searches have included a week on South Beach for five nights with air fare, approx. $800 for the two of us.

Then he found a cruise on Carnival $269 per and some great airfare of $169 each.

I, on the other hand purchased the new copy of Budget Travel and found a trip to Madrid for six nights from Chicago $619 each. London, $499 each for four nights.

Dominican Republic, all inclusive, four nights $499 each.

Decisions, decisions.

And there is always Italy. But, I would need at least two weeks for that.


sunflowerkat said...

At LEAST 2 weeks for Italy!!

Sounds like you've got some interesting options there.

Robbie said...

Wow! I didn't realize you could travel for such a reasonable price. Shoot, it cost me more to go to Seattle this past summer and I stayed with friends! Hmmm...

Lisa :-] said...

Just don't go back to Cancun during hurricane season... :-]

Becky said...

They all sound like fun trips. Good luck deciding! Hey Mary - have you always blogged on both AOL and here? Or do you have some secret method for moving all your archives over here quickly?

Smukke said...

Cruises are an awful lot of fun, and all inclusive (food, etc.) Makes the price even that much more reasonable. The problem with Europe is that the dollar is not that great, or wasn't, last I looked.