Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This is why I do not let Joe use my camera.

Today I thought I had an idea for an entry. Somehow I have lost it. My last adventure to Mexico seems to have overshadowed everything in my life up to now. It was my own Oddesy. My time to come face to face with the Mary inside of me. My time to come into contact with a group of people/characters who touched my life at a ceratin time.

Homer had his Odyssey. Joyce his Ulysses . Mary had her Cancun.

It maybe awhile before I can write again. I hope we will go to Italy. And back o Ireland. Finally see Alaska.

One can dream.

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Madmanadhd said...

Lovery pic indeed. Enjoy spending that money... came into money the other day... there it was on the ground a shiney quarter, New Yorker even. We keep a jar with "found money" in it just for kicks. It has $2.37. Not bad for a trip around the block eh? Remind me to tell ya about the elderly gentleman I interviewed who once found $200 on the ground. What a tale.
Glad I found you again. Still haven't made my first post here. Trying to adjust I guess. Perhaps I should hang a few pictures?
Be well.