Saturday, November 19, 2005


Joe and I went to this little shop in a small town in Ohio, about 30 miles away. It was a quaint shop with many bottles of wine, candy, cigars and baskets. They would make divine gift baskets I think.

I bought peanut brittle and proceeded to eat it on the way home. For breakfast.

About an hour later, I began to get a pain. A sharp pain. Like someone is jabbing a knife into my chest....just under my left rib cage. It hurts, tiny thrusts of searing pain, then it goes away. Sometimes it really hurts, other times it just is an annoyance.

I finally went to Walmart and bought some acid reflux medication. I swallowed it on the way out of the store, as the pain hit me several times while there.

I thought I had it licked, but just a moment ago it hit me again. Just once. Letting me know I have not conquered it.

My liver?

God knows I drink enough for one person. In my lifetime, I probably have drunk enough to kill several people. Of Irish heritage, hailing from Kentucky. We are the worst of the lot when it comes to slugging them back.

In 2003 I thought I had totally destroyed myself and my innards after the Derby Eve Slither and a long evening of drinking cheap beer. I laid on the couch all Derby Day with a terrible pain in my right side. It lingered for a long time. It has finally gone away. I think my liver has petrified.

When ever it hurts anywhere in my stomach area, I'm certain it is my liver.


Lisa :-] said...

Peanut brittle would not aggravate your liver, Mary. More likely a gallbladder or ulcer kind of thing. Cheery news, eh? Lisa :-]

Becky said...

I agree with Lisa. Sounds like a gallbladder attack. Or gall stones. Go see your Doc. :-/

Mary said...

I have to agree it's the gallbladder. Sorry!

Paul said...

I had to break off my last ltr because of her drinking. God knows I'm no prude, but it began to ruin everything. She was gorgeous, too. In this case, I'm willing to bet some unchewed, sharp pieces of brittle abraded your lower esophagus. You might need Nexium to help it heal.

Nelle said...

It might be the beginnings of an ulcer. You have been through a lot recently in the hurricane. I would call a doctor and maybe get an x ray if nothing more. He will know by the location of the pain.