Wednesday, November 30, 2005


My immediate boss is a woman. It has been a long time since I have had a female boss. And somewhere in the back files of my mind I remember telling myself to never ever work for a woman again!!

I prefer men (duh). They are.....less emotional, say what they mean (most the time, unless they are trying to trick you), answer their phones, don't have PMS, and usually do not have the sixth sense. They are basically pretty easy to work with (for) and manipulate. (did I really write that down!)

For example, this morning my boss called one of my co-workers. He was on his way out and standing in the hallway halfway in the door of another co-workers office across the way. I could hear her voice. Not exactly what she was saying, but knew it was her. He said "Arby's" and then the next thing I know both of them have vanished.

I immediately think that they are meeting for breakfast and not invited me. This is exactly why I should not work for a woman. I expect the worst. My imagination runs wild. My uncanny sixth sense and intuitive nature are working overtime.

Actually, she is between a rock and a hard place. The day after I returned from the Hurricane, Friday, I tried all day to call her. She never returned my calls. On Monday when I just showed up at the plant hoping I had a job, she told me she had received her "pink slip" that day. Nothing she had done, but just cutting out another level of unnecessary middle management. Not the greatest way to start off with her.

I have been with the company a couple of years more than her. I realize that if they like you and you are a hard worker and valuable to the company, they find a place for you. (hopefully not in Hell City). She will bounce back. She will land on her feet. She will be okay.

But....I still feel some sort of negative feelings coming at me from her. I may even deserve them, because I can be a royal pain in the ass. And I don't even try, it just comes natural.

Anyway, my feelings were not exactly hurt this morning....but I was amused. Once again feeling like the outsider.


Becky said...

So I guess your immediate boss is NO LONGER a woman. Getting laid off sucks, but maybe the environment will be even better with her gone.

Mary said...

I work mainly with men (engineers). I rarely see the women in the company and on a one to one basis I get along with them, but get them together...Yikes! Glad I work at home!

Lisa :-] said...

I used to get along better with, I don't seem to play well with any other children. Which is why I am self-employed... Lida :-]

Lisa :-] said...

And I can't seem to spell my own name, either... Looks like the nails are getting a little too long. :-]

Shelly said...

My immediate supervisor is a woman, who is also a friend, and our boss is a man. He's as emotional and cranky as anyone can be, but he's also a great guy.

I've had women bosses who were great cuz when I called in sick cuz of that monthly thing, they understood! And I've had male bosses who were sexist, paranoid, and oft-times irrational. And I've had women bosses I've wanted to strangle and male bosses I adored.

Bosses are bosses. They come in all types.