Sunday, December 11, 2005


There was an accident this morning. The Christmas Tree fell over. It was awful! I thought I had done such a good job putting it up by myself. I noticed it was leaning a little toward the left, so I strung it up! Not good enough.

Seabiscuit was injured. I am going to have to put him down. It is so sad in so many ways! First, he was a great champion. A champion among champions! Second, I can not located a store in Ft. Wayne that has thoroughbred ornaments!

So I went to E-bay. I found what I was looking for and so much more! I went over the edge and bid on several Triple Crown winners. I will be happy if I win even one. I just hit the "buy now" button on the Seabiscuit replacement.

I could so easily become an E-Bay junkie. I love that web site. I have located the most obscure stuff there. For example, the Animal Orgy coffee cups. Long ago, in a far away land known as My Younger Self I had a bear cup from (then) Shillito's. I marveled that such a vulgar item would be available at a classy store! That only added to the charm. I always thought it amusing. I envisioned unsuspecting shoppers purchasing these cups and sitting at their middle class breakfast tables sipping coffee out of a cup painted with fornicating bears!

"Honey, I think these bears are....OH MY GOD!!!"

That was around 1980. I had that cup for a long time until one day, it was in an accident and the handle broke off. After that, I used it as a small planter for tiny Irish Shamrocks (aka, friendship plant).

One day, I realized it was gone. I have no idea if I tossed it out or it was just forgotten and left behind on one of my many kitchen window sills.

Every time I entered a flea market for 20 years, I looked for them. I poked through many highly dangerous and dusty booths of china, pottery and glass searching for those naughty bears.

E-Bay. One day this autumn, I thought I'd take a look! Next ting I know, I have four of those mugs from 1979! Not only the bears, but bunnies and elephants! I was ecstatic!

I also love STEALITBACK. I have discovered the jewelry. God Help Me. You would not believe the beautiful stuff they have and how cheap you can get it! Maybe I should not be telling you all about it.

Forget it, it does not exist!


Nelle said...

I have never seen these before. They are unique and quite the breakfast pick me upper. I used to shop on EBAY but found myself buying way too many things, mostly Sheltie related. I do want to try to find my sister-in-law a Mrs. Beasley doll for her birthday in May though. Remember them?

Unhinged said...

What? Who? When? What?

(See the next post. I want you to answer my question ...)

Chance2288 said...

Love those cups -- and they amuse me no end as well. Laughing at my desk, thanks

Gabreael said...

My husband just bought my "Big Gift" off of eBay last night. Lord knows I will not hear the end of it until I open it. He is worse than a child.


Robbie said...

OMG! I love the bunny ones. It says so freakin' much without a word anywhere.

I got ripped off on EBAY once and haven't had the heart to go back since. What's this STEALITBACK? Is it a different site?

Judith HeartSong said...

the mugs are hilarious!!!!