Sunday, December 18, 2005

Saint Patrick's Day is 89 Day's Away

Guess who is playing the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland on St. Paddy's Day?

One Guess?

Its THE SAW DOCTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!

About a month ago the date was posted and my sister Omega and I decided we had to go once it became a definite date. She even got a hotel room for us.

They went on sale December 2nd! I was not paying attention! I am so thrilled. I had hoped to see them once a year for the rest of my life or their performing career, which ever ends first.

Saint Patrick's Day! Am I insane!!!!

This is going to be some party.


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Unhinged said...

Yeah, you are insane. St. Patrick's Day isn't for MONTHS yet, we haven't even made it past Christmas yet, and already you're getting excitimahcated about The Whosits coming in March?!

::sticks tongue out::

Robbie said...

Here's hoping the career and life end at the same time in a far-far distant future. Congrats and enjoy!! I look forward to the story. :-)