Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good golly! I just read an entry totally bashing Classmates! And then about 45 comments mostly agreeing with her!

You know what I saw over and over? "Who wants to see them or hear from them anyway. They did not like me then, they probably will not like me now."

"There is a reason I have not tried to contact anyone in 20 years."....and that is?

I found it amusing that people had such a terrible time in High School. Mine was not that great. I had to travel to another city to attend. Geez. That was a buzz kill. And calling anyone was out of the question since it was long distance way back know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

High School was pretty bad and then high school was pretty good. Maybe I need to do a series on my experiences. What ever it was, I gained a lot from it. Gained a great education (Catholic, don't you know), have many good friends still (no one lives in the area much anymore) and I actually had the best of two worlds because I went to school with one set of kids in Lexington, and lived in another town with another set of kids!

I led two distinct lives!


Gail in MN said...

High school was interesting, intense, painful, joyful, exhilirating, awful, wonderful. It was the late 60's. I was sooo naive! But I enjoyed it.
Eleven of us get together every summer for a 3 day weekend at the lake. We just started this new adventure 2 years ago. We're all grown up, but still the same.
Life is what you make it....and so was high school.

Paul said...

Jaysus, I had a great time in high school. The girls guarded their chastity, but seeing them everyday in plaid skirts and knee socks was enough back them. I had the school friends and neighborhood friends too.

Trish said...

Where's the entry you read?