Saturday, December 17, 2005


This is when this journal is so useful. I would never post this harsh post on my AOL blog. Never. I could not imagine the response I would get!! Ha!!!

I can not understand why some people go private and do not invite me to read their journal!! Me!! Sweet little of me who never hurt anyone or anything. ("I swear officer I didn't know that 45 was loaded).

Last year, one journal I read and faithfully commented (because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to) went private and locked me out. I sent and email asking "what's up" (paraphrasing) and was told that they thought I would not be interested in reading the journal. WTF?

She admitted me, and nothing was the same after that. Then she became public again, then private again and once again I was locked out, so I just figured she did not welcome me.

I see it happening all over AOL-J land. It is understandable with the Ad's and all the ruckus that followed that. The exodus, the migration to Blogger, Expatriate Land. Yet, most gave some warning. Some farewell, adieu, cheerio, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, gesundheit.

It feels like a slammed door. With Bloglines you can read the final posts, even if that door is closed. At least some, "Exclusive Club" statement.

I sent an email and it was DELETED! Not even read. I guess I am hurt. And confused. I never should have written that Bad Bunnie post! No telling how many people I offended! Actually, I must have offended her long before that. What is also so astonishing is that I care! And I want an explanation. I would even accept that she feels I am not interested in her journal.

Several times in this wonderful online connection to the lives of others I have felt that we are acting like High School children. I am guilty of this also. I can't tell you how much I wanted to shoot off another email to this woman and use that unloaded 45....instead, I am here. I am about to move up to Junior Standing from the sophomoric detention class.

But not yet. Just let me have one punch!! Please!!!


Lisa :-] said...

Mary, I have to laugh at how different our reactions are to being "rejected." I tend to slink sadly into a corner and mope. You get MAD!

Since I've been going through the "Coming to Terms..." archives, I've realized it really IS a story of "Coming to terms..."---with the ins and outs of belonging to a virtual community. I am still daily mystified by the weird twists and turns of cyber-relationships. The definition of "friendship" in this environment is complicated and elusive.

Anyway, I still love ya, Mar!

IndigoSunMoon said...

The same thing has happened to me before Mary. I just don't get it. But you's that persons problem, not yours. You know the kind of person you are, and so do we!
Love you!

Becky said...

LOL! I got a couple "Hey, what gives?!" emails when I made my old AOL blog private a week ago or so. But I hadn't posted in there since my last "Here is a link to my new blog..." entry. So I figured everyone had got the message by then. Apparently not. Ah well. I hadn't planned to go private until I'd finished moving my archives to Blogger...but my SIL forced my hand. Gotta love family drama. Maybe the private bloggers are also planning a move and you'll get a new link later? Gee, I'm optimistic.