Friday, December 09, 2005

Tell me again why I stopped drinking coffee?


About a year ago, out of the blue I stopped consuming caffeine in the form of coffee and soda. There actually was not a reason, I just stopped. While in Mexico, I had to have something, so I had a cup here and there. It was delicious. Like liquid heaven.

There is something about coffee that is hard to communicate. It is one of those drugs that affects each individual in a different way. Making some nervous and for others it provides the zip needed to open the eyes in the morning and keep them open through out the day.There is something so comforting about wrapping your hands around a hot cup of java with the aroma tickling your nose making you sigh with anticipation. I have found myself at the counter of Panera two times this week ordering a medium coffee....and a cinnamon Crunch.

I have used the time sipping coffee to write out my Christmas Cards. I am not one to just sign my name (and Joe's) oh no, I must add several paragraphs about this and that, usually how much I miss them and hope to see them in the coming year. With the Java Juice flowing through my veins, I become very energetic which has added a very definate literary florish to many of the cards.

As I sat there I had an onslaught of turbo charged thoughts about possible journal topics. The tables at Panera were filled with people sharing coffee and companionship. Murmuring and muffled laughter. So low key. What was missing? Missing and Journal Topics. I hit upon my two favorites subject in one!

I miss Lexington so much. How many more times can I say that? I miss the familiar places. Have I mentioned that before? I had this one coffee shop on Broadway that I loved. I would sit in one of the window spots and endure the draft that always accompanied that particular table int he winter . What seperates this place from others (maybe not Starbucks, but I rarely go in there.....) is the intoxicating Classical Music that engulfs and wraps itself around the people, the coffee, the expereince.

I think my coffee abstinence is over.


Cynthia said...

Welcome back to the caffeinated fold. I know that I "should" give up caffeine, but since I'm not giving up my other vices, I figured why start with this one.

Lisa :-] said...

Fell off the wagon, Huh? Me, too. But still, I can only do so much, or my heart starts skipping like a cracked record... Lisa :-]

tess said...

I will never give up my coffee & chickory from my French drip porcelain pot(nor my red wines). Some things in life can't be dispensed with!

Nelle said...

Having a good cup of coffee is one of my greatest pleasures. When I had my surgery 2/4/04 they told me no more coffee, ever. Two weeks later I snuck out of my room and found the nurse's lounge and stole a cup. The tachycardia gave me away but it was worth every sip. Every now and then I simply indulge, it's a price I will pay. The interesting part is I don't care for Starbucks coffee. I much prefer Dunkin Donuts which is much cheaper.

gigi said...

Coffee, classical music and cinnamon Crunch ~ why on earth would anyone want to give that up? We're only human.

Welcome back to the dark side. (Why do I keep saying that lately...? :)