Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Joy of Easedropping

I did get up and attend the Mastodon Stomp 5K. I was thoroughly pissed because I did not register in time to receive a T-shirt! I will have one. I have a plan to get my hands on one with the help of the Athletic Dept. Why run (if you call that running?!!) if you don't get the cool t-shirt.

As I was standing around waiting for the beginning of the race I could not help but over hear the conversation behind me. I was only half paying attention, so I missed half the details. Unfortunately, the important ones.

It went something like this.

"........and it only costs $19 to join. You run from bar to bar and drink a beer. Dinner afterwards."


"Yes, it use to cost an extra $7."

What the hell! I want to join this running club!! Immediately I think it must be a very cool running club for lushes. Now that I think about it, it could be a Running Slither...minus the dinner and on the premise that there is only enough beer for the first 50 people. I crack myself up with that picture in my mind!!

Once Joe and I were in this run in a small town in Kentucky. Before the race started we were given instructions to watch out for the loose gravel on the three mile stretch.

Two teenage kids were in front of us, one turns to the other. "I run for the cheerleaders."

The other replied..........."I run for the danger."

It became a running joke between Joe and I since.

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emmapeelDallas said... running days are over, but running for beer sounds pretty good to me!