Tuesday, April 04, 2006



This is going to be tough this week. It began like a fresh summer day bright with possibilities and then a thunderstorm ruined everything. That is how the past week felt. But, that is the point of this exercise, to dwell not on the bad, but on the good!

1) Bridget and I driving and listening to Ibrahim Ferrer singing in Spanish. She flipped open the liner notes and began to read the words aloud in her sweet, halting voice brimming with the emotion of the lyrics.

A broken Shadow
without you
Only the twilight accompanies me now
Now that your love is gone
And there is no happiness for me.

Aimless, I drift
like smoke
through space
searching for you
I may not find you
I may have lost your forever, my love.

I will remember your eyes, your touch
I cannot avoid it
I will suffer, longing for yesterday,
I cannot forget you.

A broken shadow
without you
Only the twilight accompanies me now.
Now your love is gone
I will never feel happiness.

2) I purchased my first MP3. Well, the first one for ME! It is a cheap little thing from Walmart and I loaded up all the space with many of my favorite CD's.

3) I was able to take a long walk down the River Green Way beside the Maumee River. Though spring seems to have lost her way here, some of the fattest Robins I have ever seen did not get the word.

4) Solitude. Peace. Quiet. The deliciousness of being alone.

5) Catching a glimpse of something blue and realizing I was seeing the first crocus of spring in my new home!

6) Completing the 5K on Saturday and shearing off 45 seconds from the last 5K. This is hilarious as well as a good thing.

7) Going through several boxes of old pictures (from the early 90's) and the memories they evoked.

8) Seriously taking a trip by myself next month. Thinking that I really could do it!!

9) The sound of the thunderstorms this week-end.

10) Someone flirted with me last week and by God, it made me feel good!


emmapeelDallas said...

I love this, both the concept (and I'm a fan of Lisa's, too) and what you've written. I may need to start doing this myself...it's a great idea, and a real day brightener.



beths front porch said...

These things you point out help me remember the freshness and wonder of everyday life. I love my drive in to work every day because I can see the clouds. They vary, every day. ~ Beth

Lisa :-] said...

Your number ten would be number one on my list. I can't remember when the last time was that someone flirted with me. Or maybe I 'm just so old, I'm blind to it. LOL!

Sorry your week went to hell. So did mine, but that's not what this exercise is all about! :-]

Paul said...

Hey Mary, I flirt with you EVERY week. Don't I count?

Trish said...

Wonderful list. It's really inspiring. So much goodness.

"deliciousness" - great word.

Signs of spring in the northeast - always good.

A little flirt can go a long way. It's a nice reminder. Ride it. :)

V said...

Love my Creative Zen mp3 player!

gigi said...

5Ks, 10Ks, Triathlons and Booze Runs ~ Mary, I swear you inspire me!

Don't you love your MP3 now? Gorgeous song, too. Load it up and off you go...>>>>> :)