Monday, April 17, 2006

Things Good This Week Ten!!

"Homer no function well beer without." Homer Simpson.

1) I made it through Lent and kept the no alcohol fast for over six weeks. That first Blue Moon tasted like....well, the best thing in the world!

2) The beautiful full moon this past week. It seemed so close to the earth as it set in the western sky that I could almost reach up and touch it.

3) Had an excellent week at work!

4) The Papa John 10 miler race is behind me. I finished in a very humiliating time and my poor feet were killing me. I came prepared to participate in 60 degree weather and it was in the damn 80's! Thought I was going to keel over.

5) Spending Easter with my family.

6) Shopping with my daughter Bridget, she is a trip.

7) A cookie run for DUNKERS (cranberry kind with icing!!) at Trader Joes in Indianapolis. I have everyone hooked on them at work.

8) While traveling down I-65 towards Louisville late Friday night, there was a tremendous lightening thunder tornado storm behind me. I was about 30 miles ahead of it. Thank God! It lit up the sky in breathtaking fashion for hours.

9) Going to lunch on the now fashionable Frankfort Ave and finding that an Easter parade was going on! We traversed the road blocks and found a parking spot on a side road very close to the restaurant! And added to that, we had a great spot to watch the parade.

10) Using my new camera at our family gathering resulted in some fabulous pictures. I am truly amazed at the differences. I have not figured out how to load up the pictures via Photobucket without them ending up in gargantuan proportions! But I will.

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Lisa :-] said...

If you don't like the 80-degree weather, we will be happy to have it here!

You had a great week, Mary. Can't wait to see some pics from the new camera. :-]