Saturday, April 22, 2006


I sent my best buddy Deb a card this week and wrote all about the Papa John 10 Mile Race last week-end.

I knew that in her minds eye she was able to see me, an over weight 50+ woman, stripped down to a sports bra because the weather was toooooo hot, much warmer than anticipated. If anticipated, would have worn something more appropriate. Then I would have avoided the shock of seeing the pictures they send you via e-mail, in the hopes you will purchase documentation of being part of the race. What I saw was overweight white skin shining under the glaring sun, flab rolling over my tight running pants (also inappropriate for the weather...but would have been okay if my t-shirt did not have to be removed). I practically fell off the computer chair when I saw this abomination!

Good Lord, how did I arrive at this lowly state.

Since I did not practice, I was once again astonished at how hard it is to walk 10 miles! Especially when you are at least 20 pounds over weight and your hands and feet are swelling. I was being passed by everyone...everyone. Not to make any excuses, but my feet were killing me.

If only I could rip those shoes off and finish the last five miles bare foot, I would have done it. But having to carry the shoes would have done me in too.

Every step was torture.

I finished out of 4700 people, in the last batch of 300. Thank God there was pizza left. I limped to my car and immediately ripped those shoes off and examined my digits. They were so tender I could not touch them!

Several days later, they became big black and blue cartoon character toes.

I must concede that my running days are over, or I must loose weight, presumably by running.

God forbid I try eating correctly.

I am actually tempted to purchase the pictures as motivation.


Lisa :-] said...

Mary, I gotta believe that you are wearing the wrong shoes. Even twenty pounds of extra weight shouldn't have toasted your feet like that.

LightYears2Venus said...

50+, a tad overweight, but participating in an arduous 10 Mile Race--Good Lord, how did you arrive in that higher state? If I did that, I would be feeling on top of the world to have endured such torture and had the mettle to finish. Kudos!