Thursday, January 25, 2007



I was single for so long. Forever until Joe made an honest woman out of me. I was use to being single, doing what I wanted when I wanted and if I didn't like what I was doing I could just go home and then do what I wanted.

Yet, I thought something was lacking from my life. If you look around, most everyone is in couples! I wanted to be a couple! I wanted to be married, like most everyone I knew.

I did not understand the reality. That someone is always there! Once you are joined, there is no escaping. There is no packing it all up and leaving. There is no longer, "tomorrow is another day". It is today, over and over and over.

I am no Christmas present. Though I know it seems that I am wonderful and God's gift. I present myself the way I like to think of myself. It is not reality. The reality is ....well, let's just be glad Joe does not have a blog. I would be mortified.

Spending a total week together with no breaks (except when he got lost in the Airport trying to escape from me) was....eventful.

Take the ride home, back to IN from KY where we finished off our week vacation with a visit to our respective families. My niece was starring in a regional theater play (well, we like to think of her as being the star, because she definitely was to us!)and I had opted to see the performance on Saturday night.

Unbeknownest to me, there was a bit of weather brewing in the west and headed towards the Ohio Valley. I knew that freezing rain was expected after mid-night, but I also thought that it was to be followed by rain. Which to me, means it is going to warm up.

When Sunday morning dawned, it was pretty bad. Joe came and picked me up at my parents around 9am and off we went on our 4 and a half hour trip up north.

The world was covered in ice and snow. The expressways were a mess. Cars lined the ditches along side I-75. The wind was howling and the windshield wipers were scraping away the freezing rain as fast they could, yet it still piled up. Only one lane was open and everyone was flying! I was petrified and could not stop making little started noises, hitting the phantom brake pedal, and clutching the dash board for dear life.

"Do you think my driving is bad?" Joe asked sarcastically, "maybe you would like to take over."

To which I replied, "Please put more room between us and the car in front! Give yourself some reaction time."

About this time we began a slide that caused a string of expletives from both of us. This is a brand new car!! I mentally checked all the air the door and in the dash. I probably would survive a crash. Joe got the car under control and slowed down enough for all the cars behind us to come around in the lane that was still covered with ice and snow. "See See!!" he rebuked me.

I was white knuckled as we approached Cincinnati and the dreaded Death Hill.

"Please pull over and lets wait it out" I began to plea.

He did not respond.

"Please. I do not want to go down the Hill."

Police cars and wreckers were everywhere. Cars were disabled on the side of the road, and in the shoulder on the left, unfortunately up next to concrete abutments to separate the North and South traffic.

"Please I am not joking, pull over."

"I can't get to an exit!! Do you not see the icy slush???!!!"

I began to cry. I don't know where it came from, I was so scared about going down that damn hill. If you have ever been traveling in that area, you know the hill I am talking about. It was at one time so steep that trucks could not make it up heading South. The entire area was re-constructed in the 1990's. It is still steep and scary.
Did I mention it curves?

"Pull over and let me out!!!"

"I will!! Don't think I won't"

I suddenly had this wonderful rush come over me. If he lets me out I will kill him. If he deposits me on the side of an Interstate in the midst of a horrific snow/sleet storm, I will divorce him then I will kill him. My next thought was this.......

"I will cut my hair!! Yes, I will cut all my hair off because I love it very short."

Just at the moment of hair liberation we began the descend down the Hill to the Ohio River. I closed my eyes and began to pray.

We made it!!!

Only to come up next to a snow plow that was throwing a wall of blinding snow at us the moment we came behind it!

"We're dead." Joe stated as he began to break and then the string of expletives again.

We somehow made it around the truck.

After clearing the Cincinnati area, the weather was less severe. Things were not as intense and the roads were clearer. We were able to relax. Relax after over two hours of skidding and cussing.

Joe looks over at me and laughs, "Do you think I would really put you out? I couldn't bear to see you standing on the side of the road with you skimpy little coat on."

No...he would have been dead!


Anonymous said...

I don't even want to think what Sonny would write in a blog if he had one! ::shudder:: You had me laughing as it sounded like our car on a recent road trip recently in snow and ice. Looks like we all survived! The men too.


meno said...

I think you should cut your hair. I always say that if a man likes long hair let him grow his.

But i'm meam like that.

Glad you are safe.

AC said...

There is just a difference in the braking feet of men and women. I understand completely your desire for more space between!

Still, this really gave me a laugh. Great writing!

Lisa :-] said...

I think driving is one of the three major causes of divorce in America...

naive said...

hi ,

i liked your blog and agree with everyone who have commented here. the person who loves you will love you in your original form. he will never ask you to change for him.

I have just started to write. I only write on real life incidents which
have shaken me from deep inside. To overcome the shock, i write and
lighten the burden of my heart.

Hope you too will agree with me on the amt of pain caused to this 5
year old girl. Please do comment. Thanks

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Ali la Loca said...

I love short hair, too!

Glad you made it safely on all that snow and ice.

I, too, shudder to think what Ricardo would write if he had the inclination. Oh, the shame!

Hope you are well...

pia said...

I can think of a few other things that cause divorce

I didn't mean to denigrate the hurricane's impact on Cancun, but it's advertised as having been fixed.

Internet sites that rate and/or discuss Cancun and individual hotels don't really talk about it

As a woman who went alone, I never expected to be disrespected just because I was a woman alone, so the lack of good beaches really rankled me

Nobody says "come to New Orleans. We're all fixed." they say to come despite the damage. I respect that, and am trying to see if I can a group to go to Jazzfest

Sometimes I think I should marry again just to have somebody to travel with :) Or find a boyfriend to go with but my priorities right now are elsewhere

I make a great girlfriend, OK fiancee and horrible wife--tried the fiancee bit enough

ian said...

I'm having a bit of a trying time on my vacation right now, and it's only Day 1. Yoicks.


Misplaced said...

You were driving through my little corner of the world. That hill is a bear- I know many people who have wrecked around that area when conditions are fine. Great descriptive post

I guess that's the price to pay for Goin' Mobile.

swibirun said...

I don't think that I could have handled that. I did a double 360 across the median of I-40 near Nashville a few years ago and ended up inches....INCHES from the oncoming lanes. Since then I have had a "rational-irrational" fear of driving in rainy/icy conditions.

Glad you made it ok.

Have a great weekend!
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Delena said...

I know this post is a little aged, but I just found this blog and I have to say...

*Standing Ovation!*

hehe. I loved that. "No...he would have been dead!"

You capture everything so beautifully, from the tension to the verbal exchanges, to the humor and terror of the Hill.

Makes me glad I'm single, actually, lol!