Sunday, January 07, 2007


I love Sundays.

I am able to sleep in. Much later than I can on Saturday morning because my body's time clock has yet to realize it is the week-end. It knows by Sunday morning.

I love the Sunday paper and the assortment of sections that prove so entertaining and full of interesing articles I enjoy. The book section, the travel section, the garden section.

I find it difficult to relax and read the paper on...say a ... Tuesday, so Sunday is perfect to catch up on all the world actvities and local issues that the radio is only able provide sound bites.

I use to go to Church services while living in the Lexington area. I truly miss that and have not found a substitute place of worship up here. I loved the mega church atmosphere, the ability to just submerge and lose yourself among the other 5,000 worshipers. I am funny that way I suppose. God knows I'm there, that's all that matters.

I have no agenda, no list of things to accomplish as I do on Saturday. I am able to just read a book, surf the Internet, tidy up the house at my leisure, and watch some sports. On that note, thank God it is Basketball season! I am not much of a Football fan, other than loving to go to games during my time at High School and College because there was socializing and drinking involved. Other wise, it is just a bunch of over sized men in tight fitting pants trying to whack the blazes out of each other. I much prefer a beautifully executed hook shot by a college athlete. And I love seeing Ricky Pitino stamp his foot on the sideline, or Billy Donovan morphing into a force to be reckoned with.

I'll write some e-mails, send some snail mail and call my Mom on the phone.

I am addicted to snail mail, maybe since I had my first pen-pal so many years ago. It is a thrill I have never gotten over, opening the mail box and pulling out a hand addressed envelope! To this day, I love it. I send out cards to many people on a weekly basis....kind of like my idea of paying it forward.

This day will find me and my Man going to the movies, maybe. Or making chili. What ever it is, I will be spending time with him.

Speaking of which....time to get off the computer!!


Tammy said...

Just put a pot of chili on myself~smile~
You and another blogger are thinking along the same lines, listing all your favorite things about Sunday!
As for the mega churches~I feel like the lost sheep in them...and stand out like a sore thumb in the small church...what I need is a medium sized, just right one, maybe I will find one here in Ohio someday...

gigi said...

I always hated Sundays as a kid; the grownups never wanted to do anything, and I thought they were all so boring.

Now Sunday is my favorite day of the week; so undemandingly lovely and leisurely...I'm a boring grownup!

Enjoy yours! :)

meno said...

I love to have time to do the Sunday Crossword puzzles.
What movie are you seeing?