Monday, January 08, 2007


It was one of those great hair days! The moment the rollers were out and I had shaken my head to get a look at the effect I knew....My God!! A Good Hair Day!

That was until I began the work day by opening the front door at 630am to dash to the car. It was snowing. And the wind was blowing fiercely. So much for my hair. It was attacked and destroyed in moments, whipped into a frenzy and full of so much static that it was standing straight up trying to touch the ceiling of the car.


When I arrived at work and hiked the equivalent of half a football field to get in the side door, it was all over.

There was a gathering of the women in the front office removing the coats and gloves, telling the horror stories of the trip in, fighting traffic and slick spots and slow downs.

Every one's hair was a mess.

"If I ruled the world I would start a new trend. All women would shave their heads and to hell with hair!"

There was much agreement. "I would wrap my head in colorful scarves and love it!"

"I would collect wigs like shoes. Today I'll be blond, tomorrow a red head. Next Thursday, I'll have long hair, then on Friday I'll have curly pink hair."

I love it!!

The thought of not having to spend incredible amounts of time on my head to only have the North Wind laugh at me is intoxicating.

To open my closet and choose a wig. Ahhhhh....that would be heaven!


meno said...

I always tell the woman who cuts my hair to just shave my head and pwint it blue.

She never does though.

How about we just get cool tattoos on our heads?

Anonymous said...

I say do it -
whether it's the wigs, shaving the head - just do it and enjoy!!!

Chris said...

My hair's about a quarter of an inch long - and that's long enough. There are some advantages to being a man... ;-)

I like short hair on a woman - it's all about what suits you, & what you like.

Lisa :-] said...

...but then the wind would take the wig and you'd have to go to work bald...

Angel said...

Bad hair days are a real pain, I must agree! Sometimes I sure wish I could just shave it all off but then I think I would feel less myself...I rather like my hair, despite all the trouble it is to keep it!

Paul is a Hermit said...

Yeah, well, if you don't have it and it's not coming back, you miss it like the Earth would miss the Sun, like the tides would miss the moon. Speaking of moon, that's what you look like 24/7, except for the craters. Most of us.
I could go for this wig thing though if it would look right. I mean the fit, the color thing is far out.

At the end of the windy day, yours is still there :(

Jeff Roberts said...

Along similar lines, I hope I don't need dentures someday but if I do, I always thought it would be nice to toss my teeth into the dishwasher (OK, a glass of cleaner or whatever) at the end of the day.