Saturday, January 06, 2007


This weeks Sunday Scribbling is KISSING.....

My first kiss pops into my head, but the story is short and although sweet, it is a little pathetic. I like Joe's first kiss story better. He was kissing (age 12) L. and decided to open his eyes and see how she was enjoying it only to find she had her eyes open (also) and was looking over his shoulder, more than likely checking out her nails. (This story is probably funny to me because Joe and I grew up in the same small town, knew all the same people as kids, lived practically on the same damn street, rode the same school bus to (separate) I can just see L. at age 11, doing just that...)

I digress.

The Smart Aleck Number Two is pretty ambitious. I discovered this almost immediately upon entering into the Fold at my New Place of Business working at the Old Company. SA#2 is not malicious in his self promotion, but anyone who has ever worked with someone who wants on the fast track knows how it goes.

The Boss walks into the closet, charading as an office room, and after several moments SA#2 will say something like, "I signed up 157 people on the program today." Always making SA#1 and me look bad.

I have learned how to keep a straight face after much practice.

Most recent display of flagrant self promotion occurred during the holidays when immediate boss was on vacation and our weekly meeting was held with Big Boss man. We were sitting in the conference room going over our weekly reports when SA#2 pushes a dossier towards the Man and says something like, "I'm not certain what you were looking for so here is everything I have accomplished in the past three months."

Like I said, I am good at keeping a straight face anymore. He is impressive.

SA#1 found a new job and it took over three months to find a suitable replacement. Finally, she began this week.

Much to my pleasure and the chagrin of SA#2, he is training her.

Training her means you have a companion traveling with you ALL THE TIME!!!

She did hop in the car with me one day this week. It was okay, she is a nice kid and I was concerned that I was not going to like her and that was put to rest. I was praying she was not going to become SA#3.

SA#2 whispers to me across our office ( which is 10 feet by five feet with four of us in there, so whispering to each other is easy), "I e-mailed D. about her schedule. He says that we are to alternate."

Okay, that means she goes with me. Damn.

Then D. walks into the room and says to SA#2, "'The New Girl' rides with you today."

I could not help but snort trying to keep from laughing out loud!!

Ass Kissing can really get you in deep!!


mad said...

I hate ass-kissers.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Lisa :-] said...

You are the savvy vet, aren't you? LOL!

One thing I've come to understand in the last six months is...I know absolutely nothing. :-]

ian said...

I prefer other kissing instead. :)


Michelle said...

I love your twist on the prompt, lol!

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Anonymous said...

side comment on your favourite books, if you liked Postcards, try anything else by ms. Proulx, esp, the Shipping News.