Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Makes a Place a Home?


While driving home the other day from the Grand Opening of the Library I realized that I was finally feeling settled in this new place. Not so new any more, as I have been here almost two years.

I'm having little trouble finding my way around. Though I still am confused when a Shopping Center is given as an address. Such as, Visit us at our location in Coliseum Center!! Or a dozen other such addresses. I have not a clue. But it does not annoy me any longer, I just go google it.

I'm beginning to find beauty in unfenced fields that seemingly go on forever, with copper fingers of light caressing the remnenets of corn stalks, as it fades away into the distant sunset. The light can play tricks, making the now frozen in a wintry snow shaped tundra, change from white to blue to rosy gold. Then black.

I find comfort in having a hairdresser who I like quite a bit. I settled into his chair the other morning and challenged him to cut off all my hair. He didn't, but gave me a terrific new hair style and carefully explained how I could do this at home!! I now have a Sally Field-esque flip. Joe is calling me Gidget.

I now have a dentist who has won over my heart by flattering me concerning the condition of my gums! And my wonderful dental work, "You've had it all done, haven't you?" he muttered while he examined my X-rays, the Dental Hygienist giving him a running commentary on all my mouth tragedies.

"Broken number seven, hit in mouth with a fast ball thrown by brother when she was 12." Etc. etc. etc.

Joe and I have our favorite haunt, a micro brewery, to escape and drink Raspberry Beer

I'm looking forward to Spring and the opening of the Southside Farmers Market. Until then I have to make due with the multitude of Organic Markets that seem to be on every corner! I am totally addicted to the vanilla-cherry granola at the 3 Rivers Co-op!

I am counting the days until Mains Nursery opens in April. My heart longs for the colors of flowers and plants. I am planning a trip to the Botanical Conservatory this week end so I can breath in the fragrant air and experience the lush atmosphere.

We are in the midst of a snow storm at the moment and I wait for my car to have the oil changed. When that is done I will slowly make my way to the downtown area to take photographs of the Mad Anthony Wayne statue for my Project 365 entry. I hope he is a snow cape and looking as mad as ever.

While traveling North from Kentucky after a weeks absence Joe turned to me and said, "I can't wait to get home."

"Me too." I thought to myself.

I just can not yet say it out loud.


Gannet Girl said...

This is such a great post. I find transitions so difficult, and you seem to have accomplished a majpr one with such grace,

Lisa :-] said...

I knew you would grow to appreciate your new surroundings. You know how to find the beauty anywhere you go--witness all your wonderful travel stories. It makes me happy that YOU are happy.

Paul said...

Wow...I never thought I'd read these words, but it's good to be home. Kentucky isn't going anywhere; it'll be there when you need it.

My Marrakech said...

Your life sounds covetable in so many ways. And it is so much better for us to be grateful than anything else. It's so easy to fall into the trap of the opposite, isn't it?

Robbie said...

Glad to hear. I took me a long time to adjust and feel like Cali is home. Heck, I've been here 10 1/2 yrs and I think I've finally accepted that it is home. :-)

AC said...

Our local coop is called 3 Rivers too! I am addicted to the vanilla blueberry almond granola. But I have never had Raspberry beer.

meno said...

I have moved a few times to a place that was alien to me. I have found that it takes about 2 years to start to feel at home.

The first time i moved i refused to accept the new place, which in the end just made me miserable and a stubborn ass to boot.

Very nice post.

trying2hide said...

Ok. Now that you are nearly local, have you gotten a "lake place" orm a "friends lake place" yet?

the photographer said...


Trish said...

Wow, has it been almost two years already? Time flies. Great post. Love to read it's beginning to feel like home (even if you can't say it out loud yet). And thankfully, you'll always have google to get you through town. Now, let's see those Gidget pics.

Gannet Girl said...

I came over to tell you about the header, but you already have a fabulous header! Anyway, for instructions, go to the blog Quotidian Grace in my sidebar and then to her Jan 27 entry.

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Paula said...

My husband and I moved to North Carolina 18 months ago from Connecticut and even though I would not say it to him, I am beginning to feel like Winston-Salem is our home. We went to Connecticut for Christmas and by the time it was time to get back in the car to come back down, I told him, " I can't wait to get home.' I miss my family terribly but for now North Carolina is our home. I do enjoy the spring time with the festivals and meeting new people.