Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I really did have an excellent Christmas. Joe and I received a little bitty HP Photosmart digital camera from his place of employment for a gift. I totally forgot all about it! Until today. It is the perfect spy camera. It fits snugly in your pocket. A perfect fit in your purse. Always at the ready!

My brother in law gave me an awesome Christmas gift. Three envelopes crammed full of CD's from the New Dimension series! 15 hours of intellectual entertainment to educate and amuse while I drive up and down those old lonesome highways.

Yesterday I stumbled on Martin Prechtel. What a voice. So melodious and even. His stories intoxicated me not only with content, but with cadence and touching softness. He had written a book and I made a bee-line for my favorite book-spot, Hyde Brothers.

It all came together.

Camera, bookstore and motivation.

I stumbled into the religious, yoga, spiritual section thinking I might find the book there. No...it was not there.

It was tucked away in another section with an old friend, Carlos Castaneda! How long has it been? At least 30 years and you have not changed a bit! Taking a quick look inside the cover assured me that yes indeed, it was his 1972 self. I grabbed them for nostalgic reasons.....

After filling my arms with spirituality, I made a quick trip to my beloved Travel section in the belly basement of the store. I gingerly made my way down the stairs that squeak and moan beneath your feet gliding my free arm against the wall least I stumble and crack open my skull. I could hear those books calling my name and I was answering as fast as I could.

I love this store. Sometimes I feel as if I am having a love affair with the Hyde Brothers. I have been in and out of used Bookstores my entire life. I have sneezed my fair share of the dust of ages. The Hyde Brothers are very special. They have
never disappointed me. Not once. I always find what I am looking for. Including the Martin Prechtel book, a 1st edition when it was published under another name.

This is my addiction. I know it is a sickness when I consider ways to sneak my books into the house without drawing attention to the bulging book shelves.

It could be worse....

Couldn't it?


Nelle said...

Damn! I want time to browse and find a store like that! I used to have a book in 1970 it was paperback, black and white cover and it had a poem and all I can remember is "watermelon rinds". Not the author's name!

Cynthia said...

I'm in book lust. That store looks phenomenal, and I love your description of the staircase. In my opinion, a book addiction is a healthy thing.

AC said...

I have followed a store like yours around our city as it expanded for over 20 years. The verison of McKays now is incredible, cds, dvds, books and books, a full huge floor and an open balcony lined with shelves. It is a treasure trove, different every time. I'm with you on this addiction.

Anonymous said...

Mary, you really need to take a trip to Southern CA and let me go with you! There is an outdoor bookstore I want to introduce you to in Ojai. My dad built it and it's AWESOME. I've had love affairs with used bookstores since I was born.