Monday, April 06, 2009

If it Walks like a Duck Quacks like a Duck...

I have not had a lot to say lately. I feel like I could be depressed. I have been living with one foot in Memphis and one foot here, I see my husband only on weekends, I have to move for the second time in two years, the third time in four years, I have rented the house and need to be out by the 1st, I have no job anymore, I have my daughter living with me with and I hate her boyfriend and love her old one, and two of my rose bushes have kicked the bucket. The cat may be sick. Louisville lost to Michigan State. My Mom said it did not look like my diet was working.

It's official, I'm depressed, listless, lethargic,uninterested in the things that normally I'm all over, apathetic. And on top of all that, they are talking and making overtures to transfer Joe again!! So, I am in limbo.

Today I tackled the cupboards in the kitchen. Wow! The stuff you unearth that you had no idea you bought...or why?? I imagine I could eat for the rest of the month and not make a single trip to the grocery store!

What can you do with Artichoke & Hearts of Palm Bruschetta? Artichoke Antipasto? Mango Chutney? I found a jar of Grande Reserve Kentucky Extremely Hot Smoking Grill Spiced honey mustard! Yum. Also a lost jug of Caribbean Jerk marinade!I found the box of Irish bar-b-q turf! That stuff rocks. You put it in the grill close to the fire but not on the fire!! Several times I have reached into the cupboard searching around for the box of Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour (since 1810) and cursed because I did not have any! Ta-Da! I did, it was hidden in the pantry along with a long list of other things I forgot about.

I've been cleaning like a woman possessed. For my tenets for the love of God!! I even cleaned out the refrigerator shelf by shelf. Then the oven. It was hopeless. I even took a wire brush and could not remove all the gunk. The self cleaning feature is useless. I committed to buying a new stove.... for the tenets, Jesus Mary and Joseph!

I have about a million books and it makes me want to cry thinking I am going to haul them across country....again!

My yard sale is going to be awesome. Write for details.....


Lori said...

Well, it sounds like you have good reason to be a bit depressed! I hate that you have to be moving again. I hope you can find the calm and peace for dealing with everything you have to deal with. Wish I could come to that yard sale, especially if some of those books are going to be there!! And, hey, at least the Lady Cards are still in the game!

sunflowerkat321 said...

I was just skimming through your older posts trying to learn why you're having to move again...and missed it. Whatever the reason, my thoughts and empathy are with you. At our age, we should be moving only because we want to move to a place we feel at home. Being uprooted sucks. I'm so sorry you're feeling depressed, but under the circumstances, I'm not surprised.

(((((BIG HUG)))))

Cynthia said...

Mary, I am so sorry. It just sucks that you've had to move so much and have not just your location but your life so disrupted. You've got every reason to be depressed. I highly recommend margaritas, but I know the cleaning spree is also very me. I did the same thing a few years ago before my third move in two years. Love you.

Nelle said...

Firstly thank you for the postcard. A wonderful surprise in snail mail on a horribly dreary day. Moving is one of the high things on a list of life's greatest stresses. I would sort things into three piles: keep, yard sale, donate. I simply love to clean out my kitchen pantry. It is deep and hides a multitude of things. It's like Christmas. I pull out some of the same things you found. Unfortunately I had to discard several things yesterday due to expiration dates. It kills me to waste food (remember all the starving children in other countries). Any idea where they might sent Joe? Have you considered making/selling things online? Sending you some mellow yellow vibes,