Friday, April 10, 2009

Missing you Already

Before I say farewell to the Louisville area I thought I would go around and visit the places I am going to have a hard time leaving behind. As you well know by now, I am a book reader, lover, collector, being my mother’s daughter (as all kids in my family are, we all read, we all have books coming out the wazoo). My very favorite place to find books is the Goodwill Store located on Brownsboro Rd. Why does this store stand head and shoulders above the others? It is the Hoity Toity area of town, that's why.

The books are placed in these huge plastic bins and sit outside the store for lots of good elbow room to sort and dig. I love to get to the bottom of the container, as I am certain there lies the one precious gem I have been looking for.

All the Goodwill’s in the area, on the South side of the River, sell their books for 50 cents! That is fifty cents! I love it. I once pulled out a 1st Edition Steinbeck. The dust jacket is missing (making it almost worthless), but still. I was looking every where for the April 1969 National Geographic magazine. Guess where I found it? Unbelievable. Magical. My last journey found me pawing through the offering when one of the attendants ambled over with a large box of recently donated bounty and let me have first peek.

OMG!! Cookbooks! You almost never get to find a good cook book of any caliber in the bins. They are in high demand and coveted by us thrifters. I scored two much needed local recipe books! (not....I must have 25 books by now!)

I also grabbed up three National Audubon Society Field Guides; Birds, North American Wildflowers, and North American Reptiles & Amphibians! They are bound in various shades of green leather and in mint condition. All First Printing, 1979. $1.50.

I am really going to miss the book bins at Brownsboro Rd.


Beth said...

Looks like I'm going to be paying a visit to the local Goodwill store soon. I wonder if their selection of books is as wonderful as your Goodwill's?

Monica said...

Wait, are you moving again? Did I miss something? ::sigh:: I hate when I'm absent and miss important information.

The Goodwill in town has a large selection of books and I rarely see anyone in that section of the store. Now, isn't that pathetic?


Chris said...

A good cookbook is the best! My go to is Joy Of Cooking (the much hated 1997 version, but I love it).

I never realized Goodwill had books or maybe it's just that the one I grew up near never had them. I'll have to check out the local one here.

sunflowerkat321 said...

This is interesting because any time I go to the book section of the local goodwill, I'm very underwhelmed. Being the image junkie that I am, I'm always looking at old magazines. Not much luck around here. I can see why you'll miss this.

Lori said...

I've never been to the Brownsboro Rd. Goodwill store, but never fear -- I will keep your tradition alive, now that I know about it! And I'll blog about it when I find a gem, so that you can feel like your still here.