Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get in that Kitchen, WOMAN, and Fix me a Baloney Sammich!

I knew there would be days when I did not feel like writing an entry. When I knew I was going to be without a computer and had to rely on the kindness of libraries in a strange city I thought ahead and uploaded some pictures to help keep the juices flowing. Now that I am at home again and have full access to ...well everything, I'm just blank!

So, I'm going to do WHAT'S FOR DINNER MOMMIE or better known as I'M HUNGRY WOMAN!This is my husbands favorite. Granted, he picks out the chicken and usually leaves the veggies behind so that when I go to warm it up the next day looking forward to some great left over's all veggies! Ha!

This recipe was passed down to me from my good friend Barry in Florida, He was visiting one time and came over and cooked dinner. This was his dish and over the 20 years since, I have perfected it. Perfected it!!

First off, take about one pound (or two if you have a Joe type person lurking about) of chicken breasts and cut them up into big bite size pieces and place them in a bowl or plastic bag and marinate in soy sauce and some minced garlic. You can also toss in some flavored olive oil, Worchesire sauce etc. You can go as wild as you want. I usually marinate for a couple of hours.

Chop up a ton of veggies. I usually chop up...

one onion
two medium size zucchinis,
two yellow squash,
one green pepper,
a package of sliced mushrooms (whole if you want to slice them yourself)
a second clove of garlic minced up.
Sometimes I'll throw in broccoli if I have it.

Also have on hand -

one sliced tomato
Swiss cheese, sliced or shredded does not matter. About four slices or 1/2 cup

Salt and pepper to season to taste.

And the magic ingredient Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour...any seasoned flour will do.

Ain't Vegetable's Grand.

Take the marinated chicken and coat it with the Seasoned flour by throwing it all in a bag and shake shake shake.

Take a wok and heat about 1/3 cup of oil until it sizzles. I usually will test it by tossing in a piece of the chicken. When it's hot enough toss in the rest and wok it!! Wok it good!!

It will look like this at first.

Then they will turn a beautiful golden brown as you toss them around to cook evenly.

Add all the veggies except the tomatoes. It will look like a lot, but it cooks down and then it will.......

Cook about five minutes or until the veggies are crunchy not limp....

........look like this! Season to taste with salt and pepper or whatever you like. Maybe hot maybe not.

Add the tomatoes. Isn't that color beautiful!

Then the cheese

Cover and allow cheese to melt. It will look like this when finished!

I serve it over rice. Every so often I will put it over angel hair pasta.

I call it.....I don't have a name for it!! Any suggestions?


bb mcclain said...

Chicken Stir Fry With Cheese On Top! Looks delicious.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Crikey - looks amazing - I'd call it the Alphawoman Gloriana

Chris said...

Nice job! Never have done the squash in a stir fry although have done them on a flat top grill.

What to name it....

Wok This Way Chicken n' Swiss

Someone Squashed My Chicken

Anonymous said...

I think if someone said: I'm hungry woman! to me, I'd call it: HERE'S YOUR F**KING CHICKEN. ~Mary

Lori said...

Yum!! It's funny that you posted this because yesterday Thomas said he was in the mood for stir fried veggies and I was trying to think of something new to fix that way. This should be perfect, except I can't use the garlic (Thomas is allergic to garlic), but I can wing it. Thank you!

Nelle said...

I do something similar but instead of squash or zucchini I use a frozen bag of Asian stiry fry veggies. I don't use seasoned flour on the chicken, but I do marinate it in soy sauce w/a touch of ginger. I cook the chicken, then add veggies (faves are the tiny corn cobs) and then I add a TBSP of corn starch. Serve over rice. Me likey.
Name for yours: Cheesy Topped Stir Fry but Chris wins with his "
Wok This Way Chicken n' Swiss"!

Sydney said...

How 'bout:

DAYUM That Looks Good?