Saturday, April 25, 2009

Truckin' Got My Chips Cashed In

I awake at the literal crack of dawn by the lone wisp of the first song from the bird choir. It is still dark as before the dawn, yet there is no mistaking the day is breaking as the silly cat makes a trip over my chest. He is heavy, as I have fattened him up over the past six months. He plants himself in the open window, laying down to listen to the warm up for the symphony.

This is every morning, my life, and this is the next to the last day this perfect spring water color morning will unfold just this way.

I will meet a friend for breakfast. One of my longest long time friends. One from those very first days of college. One that has lasted through the upheavals, the change of course, the husbands, the boyfriends, the fights, the break-up, the coming back together. The friendship is rare as a fine wine. When it resumed, after a long long silence, I thought "why is this woman my friend? Would I be drawn to her now?"

Yet, she knows things about me, the "other" me. That other "me" that I think no longer exists until I am with her. She is still there, maybe not exactly hiding, but just shoved back. Back behind responsibility, behind the pain, behind the growth, behind the maturity. She use to be very skinny, smoke a lot of dope, and drink cheap Boones Farm Strawberry Wine. She was so much fun!

I also got to see my High School BFF this week. Separated by four states it is difficult to see each other often enough. I was hesitant to see her because I have gained 20 pounds. Have you heard anything more ridiculous? Seeing her, picking back up over a bottle of wine, is like going home.

The watercolor day is really beginning. Must go. Bloody Mary's are calling me!


Nelle said...

I still see my h.s. bf whenever possible. Lately though our lives are so different I am finding it harder to relate to her. Someone who had to eat popcorn her last senior year and I gave her bags of groceries when I saw her. Now she lives the life of a very affluent person and acts like she can't understand the way things used to be. It frustrates and upsets me. YET she knows me like noone else and gets me.

Chris said...

Don't smoke too much, lol. I would not become friends with my three best friends from high school now. But you hit the nail on the head about visiting with them "is like going home". Great call.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Sound ike you need some girlfriend fun with all that other shit going on - just keep those dark glasses to hand the the day after..

Rebecca Anne said...

I have one high school friend, whom I consider sister now. Like your friend, she knows the other me. The before children, before husbands, just.......before....I'm glad you went, I hope you had a glorious time~

Lori said...

This was a really nice post. It's great to have friends that you can pick up with like that and be the "other" you that you kind of thought might be gone.