Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Come and Find Me Suckers

The first week of April I signed up to (try) and write an entry a day for a month. I knew it was risky but I thought that I could do it. I am in the middle of moving and I thought it would be a healthy distraction as well as help me focus on the interesting aspects of pulling up roots and relocating.

I began to miss days in the midst of crisis' looming and the overwhelming feeling of pressures. Yet, here I sit in an empty family room on a freshly cleaned carpet banging away on the keyboard and watching old episodes of South Park. I have the garage to sweep out, garbage to dispose of, the kitchen to clean, and the bathrooms, odds and ends to throw into the car and I am out of here!

The cat sits in the door way to the kitchen lounging on the mustard colored blanket he has taken to. I feel his confusion. Joe says I assign too many human qualities to him, but I do believe he is also concerned about things. All will end well for him. The past several days have been extremely exciting for him. He has been finding himself allowed outside albeit under supervision. He loved it under the ramp of the moving truck and swatted at all who happened to walk by. As it my nature to always have to know exactly when he is at all times, since he has the annoying habit of running out when no one is looking, he has developed another annoying habit called "Come and Find Me Suckers!". I assign this quality to him, he loves to play and has turned into the all time hide and seek champion. When our voices begin to take on that panicked pitch he will materialize like an apparition, in a nonchalant poise looking at you with slowly blinking green eyes and the touch of a smirk around his mouth.

I am going to unplug the machine and transport it to ....where is this part of Kentucky exactly? That area of Tennessee is called Middle Tennessee and we are a hairs breath from the Tennessee border, but it is West Kentucky. So, it is to the west I go.

And I am going to upgrade to the new Blogger templates so the Header may change. And I may go back to Alphawoman's Blog.

Why? Because I miss her.

All's cool. All's good.

(A Several minutes later! Wow! What a change! But, Ilike it. I will have to work on it. Alpha'a back Baby!!)


Jaime (ChaseNKids) said...

I'm in bed with my laptop trying to fight off a stomach flu that seems to be rearing its ugly head... and I can always count on your blog as comfort.

I am going to commit to comment on my favorite blogs everyday. NO MATTER WHAT.

You're the first. ;)

Lisa :-] said...

Welcome back, A-woman...!

Nelle said...

We have an indoor cat and he waits for an oppotunity to make a break for it. Scares us to death when he gets out cause we are in a busy neighborhood (located near horse country go figure). Hope the move goes smoothly. Please email me your snail addy.
Alphawoman conquers all. :)

mtrib2 said...

I hope the move goes well. My best to Jaime and her stomach flu. Watching the terrible events in Mexico and now here with what the Pork producers do not want called 'Swine flu' anymore. Kentucky tobacco farmers worried about not getting enough migrant workers that they have depended on for many years cutting deep into profit. When you get a chance, you might read about my nightmare with Salty being attacked. He is 6 approx. and is the joy of my life. The people responsible deny it was their dog, though Animal Control did quarantine it at their home which they had to lock the pen for 10 days and then see the Veterinarian. I was injured and got stitches on my right hand is why I was able to take that action when I identified the dog. It was the biggest dog I have ever seen and aggressive. I have to get my home addition finished by Nov.30 or my fire insurance will be cancelled so I work no matter how little I get done each day by myself. So much of the big work is out of the way that I have lots of little cutting and fitting to do. My physical therapy in March for my hip and sciatic nerve helped alot, one year post laminectomy back surgery. mark/salty

Rebecca Anne said...

Yup, it's back! I signed up in April for 30 days of blog entries and today I say, I'm shocked and surprised to have completed it. Are you going to try for May?

Chris said...

Welcome to "Almost Tennessee" then. Come on over for some BBQ some time:)

Debbi said...

Have you read any of the Norton the cat novels by Peter Gethers? Oh, you must discover them if not. I think Cat Who Went to Paris is the first.
So, western Kentucky. My mother was born in Kuttaw (spelling?) and raised in Providence. Her youngest sister is the only sibling left. I want so badly to visit her and get family oral history before she's gone. When my grandpa died in the 50s we flew from Wyoming into Evansville (with heaven knows what stops in between)and I imagine that's where I would go again, fifty years later, and drive to Henderson where she lives.
I, too, am glad to have the leader of the pack back (:

Lori said...

Hope the move has gone smoothly and looking forward to hearing that you're settled into your new home.

Wil said...

What a nice change with the new templates and all. Welcome to the 21st century...