Friday, April 17, 2009

Where did all the good men go?

Yesterday and today I have advertised my "Moving Sale" on Craigslist. I have listed some of the items that I want to sell, such as the eclectic coffee table and matching end tables, the Elvis first day issues, the electric saw, stuff like that.

I also included this patio Coca Cola umbrella I have. My thinking is this, if I have not used it or looked at it or even forgotten I owned it, it goes into the yard sale. The umbrella falls into the last category. It's brand new, never out of the box.

I received an e-mail, "How much are you asking for the umbrella?"

I thought about it and e-mailed back, "$10".

She e-mailed me back, "Is it a patio umbrella!!"

Oh my, I was not asking enough, so I e-mailed back, "From your reaction, I guess I am not asking enough! It is a patio umbrella and I am going to ask $25!"

She e-mailed me back and offered $20 and since I was feeling like a weird sort of two faced Indian Giver person, I said OK. She wrote she was sending her husband over around 8pm.

A little after 8 o'clock here he comes in a little blue pick up truck. He ambles up to the door wearing overalls and a John Deere hat, his face as weathered as an old apple.

"You must be Barb's husband" I said in greeting as he opened his wallet as I opened the door. He stood on the door step, I thought he would come in as I held the door open wide, but he stopped and gave me a charming smile and handed me the $20 as I handed him the umbrella.

"It's brand new" I explained as my fingers tightened around the bill, my first sale!

He began to walk down the step, gave me a wave and said, "Just doing what I'm told" and turns and walks away.

"I wish I had one like you", I said to his retreating back.

My daughter came up behind me and said, "Just like Grandpa. Where did all the good men go? Where are they? Where can I find one?"

I just shook my head, "1940 I guess."

But, my karma for the day was in peril. I had`advertised the maple bed in Memphis, just to get rid of it because it is a king size and just too heavy, too big, just too much for $100. I got a fish on the hook immediately and she met Joe tonight.

"Now she wanted $75 for it..............??????"

So Joe thought it was $75!! Man, she got me good!!

What goes around comes around, never forget it.


Lori said...

Oh well, live and learn! Hope you make a lot of nice sales.

Chris said...

I'd rather have my toenails removed one by one than do another garage sale;)

Debbi said...

Just don't advertise your massage service on Craigslist. The ones that answered those ads were NOT good men. The guy who came to pick up the umbrella could have shot you.

It would be worse to find out that Coca Cola patio umbrella is worth a fortune. It's all a matter of perspective.

(This is all tongue in cheek--sometimes I reread my comments and without tone of voice they can come across pretty weird.)
Good luck!

Ali la Loca said...

I love watching Clean House, the yard sale/clutter-be-gone show on The Style Channel. I've never had a garage/yard sale myself, though...

I must say, I do have a good man. I got very, very lucky in that department.

Nelle said...

No matter what you ask at a yard sale they want it for less! I always up things then accept what I really wanted! In the NY area they have been having some bad things happen with ads from Craig's list. We had a BRAND NEW circular saw in the box and couldn't get $25 for it.

Rebecca Anne said...

Umm, sorry, I loved this story. And I think you're right about finding them in 1940. Thats a great new singles ad someone could run, "Looking for the mentality of a 1940's man in an updated model"

1oo bucks for a king sized bed? WOW....I'm in Idaho and even I know thats getting it dirt cheep~

Casedilla said...

I found one! I have a feeling he's the only good guy left that isn't socially awkward, hah. My friends are still trying to find something wrong with him. Bill & I get a kick out of it though. Glad the yard sale went well, good luck with the move :)

Tressa Bailey said...

1940....figures I wasn't born until 1962!

Well hope you make a lot of money!