Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Just Not That In To Me

I gave up trying to write a post a day for a month. I just do not have that much happening that is interesting. Well, that is not the truth, it's just that I can not share a lot of stuff that is very interesting. Since I am not as anonymous as I would like. Or, I just do not have the guts.

Life is falling apart. I have a truck rented for tomorrow and no one to help fill it up and/or drive it to the destination. It appears that Joe's new immediate boss, knowing that Joe is "moving" this week-end decided to take some vacation days leaving Joe in charge of not one, but two locations!!

I like Joe's immediate boss, but not today. And I may remain angry for sometime. I am in a tight spot. Yet, I am not going to freak out and fought back tears all day long.

My friend is going to help me get the truck and load the furniture. Then, Joe's son will arrive to help later in the day. And hopefully, drive the truck to the final destination.

I have been drinking heavily all day.


Chris said...

That really blows, what his boss did.

That's okay, karma has a way to come back and bite you in the ass. Literally. We have someone at work who has been sandbagging it and starting rumors for weeks at the ire of her coworkers. Last weekend a spider bit her LITERALLY on the ass and she has had to have the wound cut open 4" long, packed with gauze, and changed daily.

Ohhhh the comments have been flying. So just enjoy your frosty adult beverage and imagine Joe's boss going through that:)

Debbi said...

As always your accounts of the ups and downs of life make me laugh. So sorry there's so much stress right now and hope things smooth out soon.

Lori said...

I hope the truck got loaded and you got things moved. Hopefully that'll be the end of that frustration.

Beth said...

If I were there, I would totally help you load the truck!

Nelle said...

OH my friend I wish I were close enough to help you. Been there and done this myself. I found a really cheap company to do my last move, they moved the big and heavy stuff and I did the rest. Good luck with the move and please email me your snail address!