Monday, January 31, 2005


My new years resolution, well not exactly a resolution, but a wish list of things I want to happen. One of them, at the top of the list, was to be better to myself. To take better care of myself. I have happily discovered the writer SARK who is a breath of fresh air. We should just accept ourselves! And then eat the banana split. I really like her.

But, I also am reading a book called The Perrionce Prescription which takes a different approach. Take care of your skin with diet and supplements and you will feel so good it will be disgusting to anyone who knows you and is witness to the transformation. This regiment is meant to turn back the hands of time. Who could resist?

I am doing the 3 day diet...Right now it is killing me and I am rolling it around in my head to run out and buy a bottle of Coconut rum....Which is suppose to make a noticeable difference! We'll see.

The I went nutsand purchased all sorts of face creams, face lotions, and cleanser. I added to my cart approximately 10 bottle of vitamins and minerals. This is recommended. This is also in addition to the 10 pills I already pop!

I should be drop dead gorgeous in three months! Or broke.

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