Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Addicted to Love (part seven)

Did I go to college to find a husband? Perhaps that was in the back of my mind, to find a mate settle down, be a family. Yet, I had the rest of my life to find him. In reality, I never really had a true boyfriend before. There was never that certain someone that I could count on for a standing Saturday night date. All through high school I never went steady, unlike most my friends who wore their boyfriends high school rings wound up with angora string to make it fit firmly and snuggly on their fingers.

In all honesty, Gary was my first really and truly bona fide boyfriend. His roommate, Doug, was pledging the fraternity of which I was one of the swinging little sisters. Both Gary and Doug were from Louisville. The south end of Louisville, that is. Renown as the red neck part of Derby city, and both of them would tell you stories about Saturday night fighting for fun that would make you shake your head in disbelief.

Gary drove the sweetest 'Cuda. Solid black with white leather interior. I loved that car, I loved driving around in it. Gary introduced me to the Lake area of western Kentucky. The TVA had dammed up and flooded a massive area in west Ky and Tenn. Creating three huge lakes, Kentucky, Barkley and Ken Lake. Gary's family had a summer cottage on Ken Lake.

Could it get any better? Riding around in a hot muscle car heading to the Lake area!

Our romance lasted through the end of the semester but could not survive the long summer separation. Returning to school in the fall he met and fell in love with a girl named Molly. Amazingly enough they were both from Louisville and both had red hair! It is impossible to fight destiny.

I was alone again, naturally.

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