Monday, January 31, 2005

And then HE entered my life.

All summer long it was party after party. If not on the Houseboats, then a field party, or a kegger, or a neighborhood party. That is where we met, at the Winchester. A series of maybe eight small cottages, layed out in a semi circle with a common area in the center. The houses themselves were two small rooms and very coveted. The coolest people lived there. Molly and the Redhead had one along with several of my friends. A big party complex.

He had been in a self imposed exile, trying to figure out why a good friend of his had committed suicide. He was re-entering, perhaps emerging from a depression, back into the college town hum and ended up at that party, sitting on a stoop with me.

For some inexplicable reason, he fell head over heels for me that night. I spent the rest of the summer trying to avoid him. I did not know how to let him down easily, so I just ran when I saw him.

He left school, left Murray behind and moved to Arizona. One day I received a letter from him. I mentioned it one of my friends, Jill. She immediately asked to see the letter. As she read it she began to cry. I had no idea she had feelings for him! It made me ......wonder about him.

Shouldn't life be more like the movies? A crashing crescendo of powerful music announcing the arrival of the most important, most influential person you will ever have in your life?

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